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  1. Yeah it was strange because it didn't even matter if the program was full screen, if that one section was compressed too much, the pull down couldn't display. I'm just glad I got it working, was driving me crazy.
  2. Ok, after a ton of testing I believe I have this working. The issue is with the section on top of the grid with the default cover and title description. If that section is narrowed too much, the pull down will not display, it apparently needs a default amount of space to display it. Once I expanded that area sufficiently, that started to work. Frustrating but at least I have it working now. Thanks to everybody for their input!
  3. I did speak to Pete and he suggested I try installing the latest build when it comes available. I did find one thing out. If I run the program and make it full screen, the Find box appears to work okay. The minute I resize the window to make it smaller, the Find box stops working. I don't know if this points to anything specific or not, just thought I'd throw it out there.
  4. I tried calling, just rings endlessly. I'll try again later, I guess. Thanks
  5. I appreciate the suggestion but that didn't work for me. I'm also finding the speed on this version to be inferior to the older version when I thought it was supposed to be much faster. I'm starting to think I was better off sticking with the other version. This one has been nothing but problems for me.
  6. Thanks, good to know it's not impacting everyone. Just wish I knew why it stopped working for me.
  7. I get the same behavior when I change themes. When I type, drop down flashes for a second and then goes away and never returns.
  8. This really seems like some sort of video issue with this new revision. The first time I bring up comicbase and type something in the box, the drop down appears for a second or two and then disappears and never returns until comicbase is restarted again. I don't know what setting could possibly be causing this but I have reinstalled twice and the same issue persists
  9. I thought it made more sense to add this as a new topic. To fix a few bugs I installed the latest build of 2020. Now, when I type into the Find box, where it used to expand and show me options to select, I no longer get the drop down that displays my results. The results are being pulled because if I use my down arrow, multiple titles scroll through the Find box itself but for some reason the drop down no longer appears rendering the box essentially non-functional. I have tried rebuilding all the lists and that didn't fix anything. I don't know why just installing the latest version would have negatively impacted this feature, any ideas?
  10. Okay, this is starting to get obnoxious. After reinstalling the latest version of the installer, my predictive typing in the Find box no longer works. I type anything in the find box and I get absolutely nothing coming up at all. Before I updated, at least that was working and it was a nice feature. Why does it no longer work? Please advise.
  11. Ok, installing the latest version seems to have fixed 2 of my issues. I still have a problem where I can't change the preference for Automatically backing up my database when I close the program. No matter what I do, the checkbox in Preferences stays checked and I can't make the option stay unselected.
  12. I also resized the window, centered it right in the middle of my screen, closed Comicbase and when I re-opened it went full screen again. Sorry to pile on but I'm also noticing that I can't change the option to automatically backup the database when Comicbase closes. I uncheck the box, click Save and when I go back in, the checkbox is checked again. Is there just no way to change this option?
  13. Pete, I think I'm on the latest build, this is what I'm seeing I don't see anything newer than this.
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