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  1. Hello. Sidekick may be causing me issues, but difficult for me to tell. For a while, I have been receiving a Sidekick error message of "unable to open database". I may or may not have resolved this as I performed a Database Manager check and performed the latest ComicBase update. My current database location is on my local drive: c:\useres\alexa\documents\human computing\comicbase databases\comicbase database.cbdb I checked the above path through File Explorer and it states last modified on 4/7/2021. Maybe I am not linking to the right location? The update was successful today. I do see the Sidekick icon in my system tray. If I right-click the icon and try to open it, nothing happens. I can right-click and access the settings command, but all of the other commands are grayed out, although it seems I can access them when opening up settings. I have the 2022 Professional version of the program. Thank you, Derek
  2. Hello. I am unable to locate the Inhumans Vs X-Men six issue run (2017) with also an issue #0. There is an omnibus selection that is unrelated. I have the Professional Edition if it matters. Thank you, Derek
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