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  1. I'm unable to check for updates. I receive this error Unable to connect to the ComicBase/Atomic Avenue servers. See screenshot below. My network is fine. I can connect to comicbase.com via web browser, but it looks like you certificate has expired. - Will
  2. Looks like it worked all right. I had to change the name of my custom field, but it looks like it worked. Time to add the covers and media in now. Thanks again for the help. Will
  3. When you say original database file, you mean not one of the backups? Also, does that mean that the db file will live where I open (File -> Open), or should I copy it to the default folder for the database file (and what is that path?) Also, I just downloaded the zip file from the cloud backup. I would assume unzip and place in the default folder?
  4. I am trying to find the best way to get my data back into ComicBase. Quick summary. I last ran ComicBase 2017 Archive Edition. I let my subscription lapse, then moved to a new computer. I have my database backups, and I've re-subscribed and installed ComicBase 2020. Now, what's the best way to get my data back? Thanks.
  5. Hi Axel, Are you seeing this in ComicBase or Sidekick? Neither should have any German resources in the current build (there were placeholder resources, but they're excluded from the main project since they haven't been through human translation--is it possible you're somehow seeing these?). In any case, try re-downloading the software and let me know if you still have the problem by writing us directly at support@comicbase.com and letting us know your exact version, edition, and language settings. -Pete
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