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  1. I'm on 1523. I decided to scan my CODABAR label for Startling Stories: Banner #1. In my db, this is B3754707D.

    Silly me, I had caps lock on. Entering b3754707d into the Find field brought me to a random book. It appeared to be some offset from the current book I had selected, as every time I scanned it, a different book would show up, with a title just a little bit later in the alphabet.

    Should be fairly easy to replicate. I hope.

  2. Wait what? When did this happen? I've been neglecting to update from, and my CODABAR labels are still scanning to the correct database entry. When I generate new labels the barcodes still appear to be coming out in the format of B1234567D... and are CODABAR. Don't tell me they changed this on a minor bugfix update...

    Anyway, the Manhattan scanner is very versatile and needs some tweaks to make it scan the CODABARs correctly for ComicBase. Dammit, who deleted my attachments? Well, I might as well re-up them here...

    this on:


    ...and setting CR instead of CR+LF makes the scanner behave better in other programs (no double line break in Notepad, no opening the Downloads window in Firefox):


    And if we end up needing it:

  3. The only visible problem, as far as I can see, is the teal color of the top row/left columns of cells here:
    Again, for all I know it was an aethetic choice different from mine. On CB2020/21, I believe it was white (with black text).
    The rest of those things I pointed out were hex values that simply looked wrong in the file (weird length, generally).

  4. Thank you.
    They might want to take a look at cellbackcolorfixed, which appears to be the root of this bizarre teal color. (And are these values BGR instead of RGB? 🤔) Maybe that was intentional, as the text color is now white instead of black, but... I really don't like it.
    gridcolor looks too long, and gridcolorfixed is long and looks off (I'm assuming it should be 808080— 50% grey— instead of 080808— 3.1% grey).

  5. On 1/6/2022 at 1:12 PM, Steven L. Dasinger said:

    Another possibility, if you are not selling all of your comics, is to create 2 databases. One for your collection and for for sales.

    In the Sales database, you can just list the 2 or 3 issues you want to sell (if you want to print all labels at this point, you don't have to duplicate the issue but you can if it helps).

    Barcodes aren't consistent between databases. If they're two entirely separate databases that like correspond to comics that are clearly delineated, then that's fine. But if you have an issue in the "sales db" that you sell and want to remove from the other db, or something like that, it can be tricky.

    Anyway, I actually know of another couple potential workarounds. So first of all, when I try to print something with qty > 1, then I get this prompt when I click "Print" or "Preview":

    Speaking of Preview, the preview window actually lets us export the print as a file.image.thumb.png.57a6cdb7631972a4e0c1f98bb36b19d7.png

    That highlighted button
    in the top left there allows you to export the "report" to an Excel or Word document, among other things.
    You need to be careful, as the margins might not be perfect or something. I'd recommend a test print on normal paper. I tried to delete some labels in LibreOffice and that proved to be a pain; it could be better in MS Word proper. But this might be a potential way to manipulate labels.


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  6. For the Manhattan CCD scanner, this is what you want (click for full size, you might need to print or use a device with a higher pixel density than a computer monitor, like an iPhone or something):

    Start configuration, then turn this ON:

    I dunno if you need to save before or after Ending Configuration. I thought I tried both and it didn't seem to take until I saved before AND after. So I'd suggest doing that.

    Another thing I'd recommend changing is setting the terminator to *just* CR:


    CR+LF was causing problems; some programs interpreted it as two presses of the Enter key, while Firefox would open "Downloads" whenever I tried to scan something into the DCD lookup, for example.

    I attached the whole manual. Hopefully that's not a problem 


  7. Thank you for fixing this behavior when an invalid barcode is entered. However, the bug still occurs when the "select multiple items" window is cancelled out of (click the X instead of selecting one of the matches).
    Also interesting to find that the contents of the right side of the window persist after you exit out of the sales terminal window; it does this whether you click "sell" or cancel out of the window.
    For easy reference the UPC I pasted in this example is 07148602453801



  8. On 12/4/2021 at 9:17 PM, Matthew Day said:

    This does not work. I just tried it. I had Lock Price and then I changed the Condition from 'Very Fine to Near Mint' to just 'Very Fine' and it replaced my price with some generic price. I had like $25 on the book and that change took the book to $6...... If I had not been watching I would have updated my store with that $6 price. So while perhaps Lock Price might prevent the auto update of the price to the value when importing in new values, it does NOT lock the price when you change the condition. Super frustrating for me and for customers when I can't fulfill the order at the super low price ComicBase changed it to.

    Lock Price has always been iffy. I see 2022 now says "Prevent update from changing price." Unfortunately, I don't think there's any reliable way to prevent condition modification from re-running the pricing algorithm. It's definitely one of my biggest peeves with CB.
    The other one, as you appear to have experienced yourself, is that I think there should be generally clearer delineation between the "master data" of a comic issue, and the data for each issue you have. Like, if you have two of the same book, but in different condition, the best way to currently handle that is to make a duplicate entry, which is just kind of a pain. Here, we take the time to separate newsstand issues from direct market issues, which is a similar process.

  9. I see the same distortion, and it seems to transcend any transformations and resolution changes. The window appears to be functional though. It looks like it mostly has to do with the "box" containing the grid of comics being too wide.





  10. When we migrated to 2022 Archive, I noticed this out-of-place teal color along the cell edges. Today, when starting the program, I got a dialog indicating an error in the theme file. I was able to reproduce this by switching to another theme and back to Simplistic. This only appears to happen to me with Simplistic.

    Apparently I can't change the theme color of Windows until I resolve this activation issue, so maybe that's a contributing factor, but maybe not.



  11. Using  ComicBase, but this issue was present at least as far back as

    On my machine, this is quite easy to replicate. Open the Sales Terminal window, and enter a barcode that's not in the database. Perhaps your scanner missed the UPC supplement, or the Newsstand barcode is not yet in the database. Invariably, the sales terminal window will then throw an exception.


    Error Message.txt

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