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How to print out my collection by Publisher?

Kaleb Swenson

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With ComicBase 2017, I could print out (really just generate a PDF) a list of all my books by publisher: Marvel, DC, and Harvey.  I also generated a list of everything I had in the collection.  I would carry these lists on my iPad to go to shows for reference.

When you were on the print screen, you could print "Selected Titles" and choose your search parameters (>Publisher>DC). 

My list would be generated with all the DC books I had in my collection.

Using ComicBase 2020, I have no idea how to print out anything by Publisher.  You can choose "Selected Titles," but there is no longer the ability to do anything but choose the titles manually.

Is there something I am missing or is that function no longer available?


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You're right, there used to be a way you could custom script a search so it gave you certain books in a certain order. I'm no longer seeing that option. I had various custom searches/scripts saved that I would use to look up books for a given year range (i.e. 1956-1970 for silver age, etc.). It wasn't very user friendly, but if you played with it you could get the search/report you wanted. 

 Where did that functionality go?

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