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  1. The first issue of Astronauts in Trouble: Space 1959 shows a variant issue in the database. The #1A variant is actually the back cover of issue #1. https://atomicavenue.com/atomic/item/241041/1/Astronauts-in-Trouble-Space-1959-1 https://atomicavenue.com/atomic/item/312344/1/Astronauts-in-Trouble-Space-1959-1-Variation-A The #1A issue should be deleted. All three issues have an additional cover on the back.
  2. Here is the indicia from the first two issues.
  3. I dug out the header card. It just says "Mystery Comics" and under that it says "Collect all 9 thrilling comics." No other useful information on the card. It does have the original price so they originally cost 25 cents.
  4. I have a set of the so called "Dan Curtis Giveaway" comics. The title is listed this way in the Overstreet Price Guide and in the Grand Comics Database: https://www.comics.org/series/17607/ for the first issue It is a series of 6" x 3" reprint books published in 1974 by Western Publishing. They are numbered 1 through 9. The reason for the "Dan Curtis" was because the first book has a Copyright of Dan Curtis Productions, Inc. Dan Curtis was the director, writer, and producer for Dark Shadows. He was not a comic book publisher. All of the other books in the series were similarly copyrighted: Star Trek was copyrighted by Paramount Pictures Corporation, Twilight Zone was copyrighted by Cayuga Productions, etc. (I just think someone was lazy and looked at the cover of the first book, Dark Shadows, gave it the name, and it just stuck.) All the books have a W S logo on each book, which to me is probably the real title of the series. I was thinking Whitman (or Western?) Sampler (or Series?) This book was also not a "giveaway." It was sold through vending machines. I didn't get any information on how much they originally cost. I do also have a header card for the machine. Dark Shadows Star Trek Twilight Zone Ripley's Believe It or Not! Turok, Son of Stone Star Trek The Occult Files of Doctor Spektor Dagar the Invincible Grimm's Ghost Stories I would like to go ahead and enter them into the database and upload scans, but I would rather have a consensus on the title...other than "Dan Curtis Giveaway." 😁
  5. The title Monster Mash-Ups! should actually be Monster Smash-Ups! I have uploaded the cover to the issue. (Well I hope it uploaded...) Kaleb
  6. When I use "Add by Barcode" and I don't have books with barcodes, I use "Lookup" to locate the title. I can then select the issue I would like to add. This works well if I only have one issue of that title that I need to enter into my database. If I have more than one issue of a certain title, I have to search the Title a second time, add the next issue, and then repeat the Title search as needed for additional issues. I'm doing a Title search ten times for the same title just to enter ten issues. Is there some way we can select more than one issue using the CTRL key while selecting issue? (We used to be able to do that under the "Batch Add" function in ComicBase 2017.) Kaleb
  7. It's working now. Yay! Mark - I tried the CTRL key but it did nothing. The program still locked up while loading and crashed. Brian - I had a backup zip file from 3 days ago, so I just tried to open that file. (There wasn't anything newer...so I think that was not a good sign.) ComicBase 2020 opened that file and asked if I wanted to convert it. I said no and opened it as Read Only. I was missing about 200 books, so that file wasn't going to do me any good. I closed the program. I ran ComicBase 2020 again and everything seems to be working now. I put in 200 books, shut the program down, opened it up again, and put in another 100 books. Shutdown and opened it up again. Everything seems to be working now and I didn't lose anything. (I did increase my number of backups to cover me in the future!) Thank you for the help! Kaleb
  8. I shutdown my laptop. I rebooted and ComicBase 2020 no longer runs. This is as far as it loads and then it just shuts down. I uninstalled the program and reinstalled it. Same issue. I'm running Windows 10. Any help would be appreciated. Kaleb
  9. That is exactly what I am missing! My cover picture does NOT display like that. It shows the "opened window" named "ttimer" in the taskbar, when I hover over the ComicBase 2020 logo, but I cannot see the enlarged cover window. I tried to cascade my windows (shift-right click on ComicBase 2020 icon in taskbar) but there was not another window to be hidden behind the ComicBase program window.
  10. Mark, If I follow your directions (which opens the folder just fine), then I am using another program (IrfanView 64) to view the picture files instead of ComicBase 2020. I shouldn't have to view pictures in another program when I used to be able to do it in ComicBase 2017. It looks like something is wrong with the way ComicBase 2020 operates for me. The separate window for the Cover is NOT visible for me. Anyone have any other ideas? Could it be a ComicBase 2020 issue, Windows 10 issue, or a Kaleb's laptop issue?
  11. When I click on the cover, it looks to launch a new window, but I don't seem to have access to or be able to view it. I can see a preview of the window called "ttimer" when I hover over the ComicBase logo in my taskbar, but I cannot view the window. (I am running Windows 10)
  12. How do I tell the size of a cover image in the database so that I can upload a bigger cover if needed? On ComicBase 2017, I could just hover over a cover and it would blow up and show the full size display. If it didn't fill my monitor screen, I knew that it was smaller and I could upload a new cover to the database. The hover function is now gone, so what do I need to be using? I have 400+ scans waiting to upload, but I'm not sure about them now. Kaleb
  13. Manuel, After you have made your additions to the issue, you have to click on the leftmost column corresponding to the issue. This will highlight the issue number row with all the information you have just entered. This will also now enable the options with the right click, including 'Submit New or Corrected Data' at the bottom. Hope that helps!
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