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Hi All, Thanks for the good words about the Catalogue...

Here is the torrent link for the catalogue, as usual i hope you will enjoy.

If you don't know Torrent... here for a very quick start... download deluge... Copy and past to your browser the link below, and if you want to learn more on deluge there is lots of video on YouTube.


Install it and then copy this next link to your browser


click on the magnet and open it in deluge and voila it should download, just to wait for it to finish...

i will try to get my server fix for the next update, i plan to make one every 4 mount. Jan, May and Sep.


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Hello to All...


I’m really glad to see the interest for the Catalogue.


Well, i finally got my Cloud Server up and running, The link provided for you below is for the Catalogue Folder, you just have to click on the folder (May 2021 Vol. 1.2), for your help and easy access to all the file needed, i put them here, you have Deluge and uTorrent for downloading and Multipar for verifying the downloaded files in the folder (May 2021 Vol. 1.2) you have 3 different format for the catalogue, PDF, Compress self extract and Torrent.

Right Click here for the Catalogue Folder

So i have to strongly suggest you to go with the Torrent one, more reliable and faster download.

This Catalogue is big 19GB with 24777 Pages, and it will get bigger... so Torrent is the best option.

Ok, so here is the link and if you have any question or comment please leave them in the forum.

i'm joining the Torrent in this message as an attache file.

Book, Comic And Magazine Cover Catalog May 2021 Vol.1.2.torrent

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Hello to all comic Lover's,

The new Version of Cover Catalogue is online... Septembre 2021 Vol. 1.3.

Ok with all the new 4K pic's Added and the new one's, well the Book is getting BIGGER, Oh yes, almost 27GB with over 750,000 Covers and as 24,9332 Pages.

Ok as i always said, i give you 3 way's of getting the files, but i again strongly well very strongly suggest the TORRENT Download, because the other two way's are quite a pain to get it from. because the file is bigg the download stops a lots of time.

So here is a direct link below to the torrent file to drag or load to your favorite Torrent Downloader.

So, again enjoy this big work of art..... LOL


Book, Comic And Magazine Cover Catalogue Vol.1.3 Septembre 2021.torrent

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