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In looking at the title "Flashback (1968-1975)," there's a lot going on here that needs attention.  The publisher wasn't "Special" it was Alan Light according to the indicia.  It's an American series, not Canadian as indicated in the listing.  Mr. Light was based in Moline, Illinois.  There are no actual cover prices but there are ads in the book to order other editions at $3 each or 4 for $10.  This probably needs a price check as well. While $85 seems high for the first issue, $3 is a fantastic price for the rest of the books.  I can't recall ever having seen a copy of any of these for less than $10 and in looking at eBay, the prices hover around the $10-20 mark for an average (F-VF) copy.  I would think that $30 is pretty fair for a nice high grade issue although I usually saw them at conventions for $50-60. 

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