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Dymo Printer issues

Jason Harrel

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I seem to be getting two titles per sticker when I go to print identification labels. No matter how many titles I grab it will always be placing two items per sticker. Any tips/tricks on how to solve this? I'm suing a Dymo Labelwriter 4xL. From what I understand it can print any type of label dymo sells. 




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I actually figured it out. To get it to print you'll have to change the settings on your windows 10 side of things.

1. Search for printers

2. Select your Dymo printer and click MANAGE -> PRINTER OPTIONS -> ADVANCED -> PRINTING DEFAULTS

3. Then choose Advanced on the new window. From the next window that opens, choose PAPER SIZE dropdown and choose which label type you have. 

4. Click OK -> Then OK again and then OK once more to close out the window. 

Now in ComicBase go back and print your identification labels again and it should print correctly!


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