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Merc Magazine: Miss Meow duplication

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A while ago I submitted "Merc Magazine: Miss Meow" and it was approved.  It looks like someone else recently submitted another title, "Merc Magazine: Miss Meow Kitty Trap" and a bunch of issue 1 variants.  This new title is incorrect.

First, the indicia of the new series is Merc Magazine: Miss Meow

Second, the storyline for this issue is Kitten Trap, not Kitty Trap.

Third, all the variants of the newly submitted "Merc Magazine: Miss Meow Kitty Trap" are correct, however they should really be bumped down one letter each (the Issue 1 variants) as the main cover available through the Kickstarter was issue 1.

So, long story short, Merc Magazine: Miss Meow Kitty Trap should have it's variants moved to Merc Magazine: Miss Meow and be removed.  They should be shifted down a few letters as Issue 1 is realy 1-A and the rest go from there.

Edited by Josh Herndon
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Forgot to add that the indicias are a little weird on these which may add some confusion as they seem to include the storyline name into them after the issue number.  For example, the indicia of their new title, Deathrage is listed as "Merc Magazine: Deathrage #1 Saving Face" where Saving Face is the storyline of the issue.  Both these are listed as ongoing series.

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