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  1. Since you are creating 'one-of-a-kind' items, you can enter it however you like. Just don't send the information to CB. Also, it won't have any information added/changed/deleted by the Update process. It will always be an 'Unrecognized Item'. Since this is an issue unique to your database, you can pretty much call it whatever you want (even create new 'Types' and/or 'Variations' for your own use). You could add Type 'Bnd' for Bound (as an example). As for trying to 'track' what has been bound, it reads like you want to do two different things. A) have a single entry for the Bound volume and B) have individual entries for what the bound volume contains. If you do a single volume issue entry, you could put all the Titles/Issues in Notes, Item Description, Item Title and/or Custom Fields. If you want to track each bound issue on separate lines, you could create issue Bnd 1 A, Bnd 1 B, Bnd 1 C, etc. and each line would have information on one of the issues bound. Also, you could create your own Titles if you wanted all you bound volumes in a place by themselves (could be multiple titles if needed). CB wasn't really designed for what you are trying to do so you will need to do all the manual work to set them up and make any changes. But it will allow you the flexibility to do this. (This is just what I have thought of on the spur of the moment. There could be other options.)
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