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    Success! I reset my scanner and programed it as I had before but also added "CODABAR SEND START/STOP CHARS-ENABLE" and now it works! Thanks so much for the tip! Incidentally, I finally found that old thread where this barcode scanner was recommended.
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    An Item number is composed of up to 4 items. Type, Issue_Number, Variation, Printing. If all 4 are used it would be: Type Number/Variation-Printing Example using all four: Bk 1/A-2 Not all need to be used. 1 Issue Number only 1/A Issue Number with Variation 1-2 Issue Number with Printing 1/A-2 Issue Number with Variation and Printing 1-2 Issue Number with Printing Bk 1 Type with Issue Number Bk 1/A Type with Issue Number and Variation Bk 1/A-2 Type with Issue Number and Variation and Printing (There are other combinations) Punctuation is: A Space between Type and Issue Number (Bk 1) A Slash between Issue Number and Variation (1/A, 1/HC, etc.) A Dash between Issue Number (or Variation if used) and Printing (1-2, 1/HC-2)
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