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  1. make sure you have a solid connection to the internet. If you have protection software like Norton, double-check ComicBase is allowed internet access.

    a simple exit and restart of Sidekick can help ...OR even a computer restart can help.

    If you continue to have trouble, please email our support team at support@comicbase.com

  2. This sounds like a computer performance problem. You're running at 1.60 GHz which is under our recommended 2.0Ghz. Not to mention, if you have other programs running (even background programs which most computers do) that can also slow overall computer performance. As a result, CB is having trouble fully completing an action you try to initiate like optimizing, updating, exiting, etc. - you will likely hit 'not responding' states that could take longer than normal to finish through (or not finish).

    Did you access to a computer with better specs?

  3. Not having any trouble similar to what you're reporting from other users. This may be unique to you or possibly non-USA users.

    *Any Users outside the USA have the same trouble?


    ALSO, If you have any kind of Software protection (Ex: Norton, MacAfee, Avast, etc.), make sure ComicBase is allowed internet access (you may need to setup a program exclusion). Do the same for Firewall settings.


  4. How do you exit out of the software? File Menu>Exit OR just hit the 'X' at the top/right header of the main software window? Does the problem happen every time for you.

    *Try Optimizing your Database (File Menu>File Tools>Optimize). This will help 'smooth up' your database

  5. This is a result of our programming team doing multiple updates this week as we’re making improvements/modifications to our content update processor. You should see your TG report look more normal with next week’s content update.

  6. 15 hours ago, Steven L. Dasinger said:

    To add to this list, Title 'Big Bang (Red Calloway's...)' was deleted and replaced by 'Red Calloway's Big Bang'.

    Was this intentional? Normally for Titles that have in this format, they are entered as 'Big Bang (Red Calloway's...)' (like 'Walt Disney's Bambi' and 'Bambi (Walt Disney's...)'.

    Another user contacted us about this one, Red Calloway is not an actual creator/studio, thus the reason for the title name adjustment.

  7. just would like to confirm the steps you did...

    -uninstall your CB2022 edition

    -uninstall your CB2022 resource listing

    -uninstall your SAP Crystal Report listing (you noted you 'installed' it in your initial post)

    -lastly, download/install the revised CB2022 program installer from your online account here:



    If those steps don't work, contact our team directly at support@comicbase.com

  8. I was curious and ran you're update settings back-to-back thinking maybe the 2nd update would case the problem but wasn't the case. Update didn't plug magazines back in. I'll let Pete know and see if he can think of anything that might be going on.

    BTW... Anyone else, have this problem?

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