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  1. 17 hours ago, Margaret Walsh said:

    I noticed my copy of this variant is a "double cover": the Cardstock variant by Steve Epting is stapled over the regular Cover A by Gavin Guidry and Jordie Bellaire.   Can anyone confirm if this is normal for the print run or if it's unique?  If it's unique, any suggestions on how I should enter it? Thanks!

    I'd do some searching on Google or eBay to confirm there are more double-cover editions of this issue. Could be intentional or an error run of the issue.

  2. Workaround solution...

    -With ComicBase closed, create a new sub-folder on your Local C Drive (ex: My ComicBase Databases)

    -move your working database to this folder.

    -once moved, simply double-click on your database itself from its new folder location and it'll load into ComicBase.

    -immediately quit out of the software. The next time you start up the software from the ComicBase desktop icon, it'll load the database from its new folder location.

  3. 19 hours ago, Alan Stewart said:

    I uninstalled all instances of the ComicBase program on my PC, deleted the earlier installer, downloaded a new copy of the installer, ran it, and got the same error message:

    Source file not found: C:\Users\Alan

    Stewart\AppData\Roaming\Human Computing\ComicBase 2024 Professional Edition\install\ComicBase 2024 Professional Edition Setup1.cab. Verify that the file exists and that you can access it.

    I don't appear to have a ComicBase 2024 Professional Edition folder on my PC.

    May be best to give our lead programmer Pete a call, looks like you got something deeper going on with your computer preventing installation. 408-266-6883 ext 403

  4. 18 hours ago, Gregory Hecht said:

    Bumping this thread b/c A&A @26 and EW #26 are both still listed in the database as separate issues.  These are a flipbook and should be handled in the same way as RL #28/GL #28.    @Mark J. Castaneda @Peter Bickford

    I don't have access to a copy... what's the indicia state the title name as? If you could be so kind, can you send an user submission through the software so our editorial team can add it to our master. Thanks.

  5. 21 hours ago, Steven L. Dasinger said:

    I have the same problem. Once this process 'breaks' (stops working (not sure why)) it never starts working again.

    After Content updates,it only shows the date of that update. There is no history.

    @Steven L. DasingerPete's wondering if you can message him on Slack with the steps to reproduce the problem.

  6. On 4/16/2024 at 1:53 PM, Andrew d’Entremont said:

    @Mark J. Castaneda I ran a Collection overview for books, magazines, and comics, and none of them display cover images, however, the auto-generated collection overviews for all three categories display cover images. 

    I also ran item checklists of series I own with "items in my collection " checked for all three categories and they also do not have any cover images when looking at the reports under My Comics. However the cover images do appear if you do preview of the report. 

    thanks for the info. will run it past our programming team to be looked into.

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  7. we plug in street dates provided by our distributors with their initial monthly solicitations.

    However, Publisher delays can cause delays that we don't know about (they get corrected over time).

  8. 22 hours ago, Andrew d’Entremont said:

    I just ran a collection report for comics and I am also getting covers. It's only Books and Magazines that won't display covers when running a report and using the Save to Web function. 

    @Andrew d’Entremont Outside of the 'Collection Report' style, are you noticing any other report style with similar cover problems?

  9. On 4/13/2024 at 10:46 AM, Gregory Hecht said:

    This update added the comic title Cottage Classics: Their Makers* & The Making.  I see that there is a link to an Amazon product listing in the title description.  Is that intentional?

    There is also an outside link in the title description for Das Kampf.  Again, is this intentional?  @Mark J. Castaneda @Peter Bickford  Is there an official editorial policy regarding links to places outside of ComicBase and Atomic Avenue within the title descriptions?  

    amazon links should not be there. will remove

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  10. On 4/13/2024 at 5:53 AM, Thomas Brockmann said:

    Called Tech Support and was asked to try resetting value history, which seemed to help but created a new problem... I have no enduring value history anymore.  Every time I start up CB and look at my value history there is none -- the farthest back I can go is that day.  Did I accidentally turn something off?

    Can you screenshot (or email us at support@comicbase.com) what you're referring to? We're having a hard time visualizing what you're seeing.

  11. Email our support team at support@comicbase.com and let them know the about the error you're getting. Make sure you've backed up to cloud the database file that's giving you trouble and mention the database name in your message; they'll likely do a deep dive on the db and see what's going on with it.

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  12. 22 hours ago, Andrew d’Entremont said:

    Thanks. My reports are showing up now. But I do have another question. Is there a reason cover images won't display on the reports that I generate myself? Cover images are present on the auto generated reports but not my own, and I do have the standard image size selected when I create the report.


    Can you screenshot your report settings? We'll try to replicate the issue.

  13. -select each item that got stolen and 'mark' it (Ctrl+R)

    -once you marked all the stolen items, go to the Report Menu and run a Collection Report and make sure you have the 'list only marked issues' checked


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