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  1. let me draft out what we're thinking for these...

    Example for Cover A:

    -The notes for these should be look something like "Remastered Edition Cover A; includes supplement book"; item number should be set to #10-A

    -if there's a gold cover for this Cover A; then set the item number to #10-A-2; notes should state "Remastered Edition Gold Cover A; includes supplement book"

    -the rest of the variants would follow this pattern


    *for the supplement book not sure what to set this as just yet; we don't think 'ashcan' is a good fit. How would you describe the contents for this? Mostly text and design commentary?



  2. 5 minutes ago, Gregory Hecht said:

    Why are 1984 Magazine and 1994 Magazine (both from Warren) listed as magazines?  The content are comics in essentially the same format as things like the Creepy (Magazine) and Eerie (Warren) titles, so they should be categorized as comics.  1984 and 1994 are magazines only in terms of their construction, not in terms of their content.  

    Ok...will shift them to Comics

  3. tested with the latest CB2021 Express build and don't get any trouble sending corrections. You can get it here if you're running an older version: https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/Registrations.aspx

    firewall settings and/or protection software like Norton would be things to check if ComicBase has a program exception so it can have internet access (which sounds like you might have already checked).

    if you're on any kind of business connection where your employer controls your internet that might be a cause.

    Look at your modem/router; there could be a setting at play that could be blocking.

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