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  1. that é character is definitely the problem. I'll notify our programming team to look further into it. Feel free to email us covers to support@comicbase.com

  2. Installing on 2 different computers is okay.

    If you plan to use 1 database file to inventory your collection on more than 1 computer, you wanna be sure to load that db on the computer your working on. Storing the db on a flash drive and plugging it into the computer you wish to work on would be a way to do this.

  3. With the software closed, open up a Windows File Explorer window and browse to your documents/human computing/comicbase databases folder - locate the db you're using and rename it (ex: Database 1). Once you finish renaming it, double-click on the renamed db itself so you force it to load into the software under the new name. Repeat this process with the other computer and its db but of course give the db different name (ex: Database 2).




  4. our current approach  going forward with adding in new magazines into the database can be found here:

    We used this format with recently added magazine titles like Time Magazine and Life (Time) which use a multiple volume issue scheme

    We're not too familiar with The New Yorker and how they handles their issues. Any online resources out there that archive past issues where we can investigate further?

  5. In the software, go the File Menu>Open - load in a different db.


    Be very careful that whenever you post or deduct items for sale that you load in the correct db. Failing to do so may cause you to have discrepancies with what you offer online for sale on AA; you wanna avoid cancelling sales and issuing refunds which can hurt your seller rating. A good way to avoid any trouble is to launch ComicBase, go the internet menu>check sales and purchases (to deduct any AA sales). Follow that with going back into the internet menu>sell  to post you db in its revised state back to AA (so you don't accidentally sell something no longer instock). Do this for each db you decide to sell with on AA.

  6. 2 ways to find the desired database:

    -Go to the File Menu>Open - browse for the desired db if you know where its located.


    -File Menu>File Tools>ComicBase Database Manager - this will list all the databases on your computer and give you instock number for each found; you'll probably want to go with the largest number to load into the software.

  7. currently in our Master DB, we only have #5, #5-A, #6, and #6-A; no B covers for these issues. They may be unique to your db particularly if you have a qty in stock that locks them in and prevents them from being removed (to match our Master db when you download a weekly content update).

    If something needs removing, its best to email us at support@comicbase.com and our editorial team will look into it further.

  8. Are you still having trouble at this point? How long has it been since you tried to use the Save to Cloud?

    If you have any Internet Security software running, it may be blocking Sidekick. You may have to set up program exception for it.

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