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  1. Howdy, Is there a minimum size of print run a comic needs to be added to Comicbase? I go to comic cons and pick up copies of independent creators comics. I've got a large number of them and I'm prepping to scan them into my DB. Should I send them to you as well?
  2. I'm trying to generate a report sorted by the date the item was added to my database. My comic shop switched to a software that does not detail which comics from my pull-list are on a receipt. I'm trying to find a way to know which comics were received on that invoice. Old receipt: Comic 1 - 3.99 Comic 2 - 3.99 Comic 3 - 7.99 New receipt: 3.99 Comic x 2 = 7.98 7.99 Comic x 1 = 7.99 Thanks for your help in advance! Pat
  3. This question has come up a lot lately for me. A trade paperback reprints a set of comic books. A graphic novel is a stand alone story in a large format. A comic book is a soft cover book of illustrated panels usually with word balloons. Can anyone elaborate or refine these definitions? Thank you, Pat
  4. My goal is to be able to run reports/advanced searches on the titles that I am actively collecting. I renamed the Title Field Custom Check 1 to Active. I then went to the Series and clicked the Edit Title button. I then checked the Custom Check 1 box. I did notice that the name did not change. I am also unable to use either version (Active or Custom Check 1) in the advanced search. Am I missing something or is this not possible? Thanks, Pat
  5. Currently I have around 30 titles to add. I wasn't sure what the minimum was so I was imitating already existing entries. I will definitely go with Title, Item#, Condition, and Qty. I did find the pre-existing Dream Weaver, but it is not the right company. Dream Weaver Press has 2 titles currently, The Oswald Chronicles and Tall Tails. For my purposes of adding the titles not in CB, I should manually create the title first and then import the issues. Thank you for the help. 🙂
  6. I manually added the Publisher "Dream Weaver Press" before I did the import, but there isn't a way to put the publisher in the import.
  7. What do you do if the Titles are completely new to CB? Is there a way to fix them? Is there a correct way to import Publishers & Titles that are new to CB? I have attached below the import file and a screen pic of what the result was. ImportTest.txt
  8. Not all copies were bagged. All copies that were bagged were Direct Editions, but I don't know if all Direct Editions were bagged. I can not see any way to distinguish the bagged from the never bagged.
  9. Howdy! I have all three of the issues listed in subject still in their polybag with Sega Sub-Terrania Game Tips Poster. I do not find anything in Comicbase that mentions this version of the comics. For the moment I'm running with a note added to each issue, but that really doesn't feel like is adequate. Has anyone else run across this problem? Thanks, Pat
  10. Howdy! I am still able to manually upload a report without any problems. All of the (Auto) reports have not updated since last Thursday. Any ideas how I can get them working again? Thanks, Pat
  11. I have a copy of this one as well. I haven't been able to find it in ComicBase. Does anyone know if it was submitted? Thanks, Pat
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