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  1. I have been adding my own cover images of my collection as I archive my collection. I am currently using the 2021 Professional edition. When I come across an issue with lots of variants, how do I successfully name the image so that CB recognizes it and applies it to the line item for that issue. Example, Action Comics 1000, there are a ton of variants and let's say CB lists the issue I want as 1000/A-24, how would you name the file so that database line item recognizes the image and applied itself? I have tried anything I can think of, but maybe some of you gurus out there have a trick up your sleeve that has eluded me.

  2. Hey Steven - 

    I tried what you suggested and it didn't work for me.

    Don't know why the main Find box won't work properly, but I have just been using the Ctrl+T Title Pop-Up screen and it has been working for me. 

    On a side note, if I shutdown the program and restart it, I can type 1 letter, yes only one, and the menu appears. If I type another letter, the drop down menu disappears again and will not populate until I shutdown the program again. Even if I delete the text entered and retry, it won't work again.

  3. When typing in a title into the "Title name or barcode" bar, normally a dropdown list will generate of predictive results based on the information entered. This is a vital feature for cataloging older comics that either do not have barcodes or are in a different series run. A few days ago, this stopped working for me in 2020 Professional and after uninstalling and installing a fresh version of the software, the feature is still not working. 

    Is there a shortcut key that turns that off? What does anyone think may be causing this issue? I have had to put a hold on cataloging my collection due to this as the remaining ~1,000 comics do not have barcodes and I would prefer to complete this in the most time efficient manner as possible. 

    Thanks in advance for the help.

    Video of the error: 


  4. I have uploaded a ton of images into Professional 2020 that were not included via the drag and drop feature. Due to Sidekick App not working correctly, I want to uninstall the software and then get a fresh install in to see if that fixes that issue. 

    My main item is what happens to those drag and drop images once I uninstall? I have looked for a pictures folder in the Human Computing folder as I have seen on the Comicbase website, but there is no image or picture folder listed there. Where is that information housed?

    No picture folder.jpg

  5. Hi Everyone - 

    I'm new to the ComicBase group and I purchased the Professional version today to start cataloging my collection to better organize and know what I actually have. My issue is that I went to download my software from the "Registered Products" page of the website, after I have logged in. Everything downloaded and installed correctly, but when I go to log-in and input my credentials I get the following error message:

    "ComicBase 2020 Archive Edition
    You won't be able to run this program since you don't seem to have a serial number for ComicBase 2020 Archive Edition registered to that ComicBase account."

    The issue is that I did not purchase the Archive edition, I purchased the Professional edition. The program even installed as "Professional" and shows on my desktop as the Professional edition. So what should I do to resolve this issue? Has anyone else run into this? I couldn't find anything in the forums on this issue.

    FYI... I have already uninstalled the software, restarted my computer and reinstalled the software and the same issue persists. Thanks in advance.

    ComicBase Professional Install.png

    Professional Not Archive.png

    Error Message.png

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