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  1. Have I forgotten how to do this? I want to select multiple titles in Item Checklist from Report in menu bar for CB, but I am unable to do this. Maybe I'm clicking on wrong keys. I click on one title and its highlighted and click on Control key clicking on another title, but it just highlights that title. I can use shift key and highlight mutiple titles in a row, but I don't want to do that. I want to highlight several titles not in a row. What am I missing?

  2. I manually backup Collection Overview to the cloud weekly. Sometimes it takes days for my reports to show up under "My Comics" on CB Website and in the mobile app. I did it twice today andi t's still showing me May 4 as latest Collection Overview. I can see my latest Backup on the CB Weebsite. Anyone else having this problem?

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  3. Besides Supergirl #41, #42 and The Terrifics #28, #29, #30 going digital only, House of Whispers #21, #22,  Titans Giant #2, The Flash Giant #5, Swamp Thing Giant #5 are also going digital only. Also, Lucifer #19-24 will be released directly as a collected edition. Many other of DC comics canceled. What the heck is going on at DC?


  4. I was just told that DC will be publishing the last 2 issues of The Terrifics and last 2 issues of Supergirl in digital form only. Comixcology doesn't allow you to download digital DC comics that you purchased due to DRM.  Is there a another way to put these into ComicBase?

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