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  1. Pete, which settings are reset when we Reset Preferences? What are the "other settings"? This also might be a question for your Livestream viewers.
  2. I think to be consistent, Resurrection Man should be renamed Resurrection Man 1st Series, since there is a Resurrection Man 2nd series.
  3. Lucifer (Vertigo, 3rd Series) #21 was cancelled by DC and will be in a collected edition in the future. Should be removed.
  4. Maybe you can only do this with identification label and not divider label?
  5. Pete was demonstrating printing divider labels yesterday on Livesream #5. How do I get the small cover picture to print with title. All I get is title. What am I missing?
  6. Pete, Is it possibel for you to add to Collection Statistics a "Show Breakdown By:" Digital in Stock?
  7. Besides Supergirl #41, #42 and The Terrifics #28, #29, #30 going digital only, House of Whispers #21, #22, Titans Giant #2, The Flash Giant #5, Swamp Thing Giant #5 are also going digital only. Also, Lucifer #19-24 will be released directly as a collected edition. Many other of DC comics canceled. What the heck is going on at DC?
  8. Thanks, now I've noticed that Batman VS The Incredible Hulk is under DC Special Series as well as it's own title in Comic Base.
  9. I'm having a hard time finding these two Treasury/ Special Editions in ComicBase. I'm sure they are here.
  10. OK. Just noticed the misspelling of downloading. Time limit to edit this has passed.
  11. I was just told that DC will be publishing the last 2 issues of The Terrifics and last 2 issues of Supergirl in digital form only. Comixcology doesn't allow you to download digital DC comics that you purchased due to DRM. Is there a another way to put these into ComicBase?
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