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  1. Ok, keep me posted on what you find. I Slacked Pete on the Crysatl Palace Channel, but he hasn't responded. Take a look there id you get a chance.
  2. The covers did not download with this weeks update for me, or should I say the cover download lasted only about 15 seconds. I manually dobwloaded them and got many more covers. Did you happen to have this issue?
  3. I run ComicBase on a Mac. I have for many many years. I had issues with it in the past with BootCamp, but that was before It was completely rewritten with ComicBase 2020. I haven't used it with BootCamp with the new version. However, I have had no major issues running it with Parallels. There are many Mac users who run ComicBase with no problems.
  4. I'm using a 2020 iMac with a Logi keyboard with numeric keys.
  5. I just figured it out. On my keyboard there is a CTRL/OPT key on the right and a CTRL key on the left side. The one on the left works with Windows/Parallels. On a Mac both CTRL keys work the same way. I kept usuing the one on the right. Who knew...not me.
  6. CTRL key doesn't work for this, not sure why. Is this a bug, or somehing to do with Parallels on my Mac? ALT/CTRL(CMD/OPT) key works for non-consecutive items on my Mac. However, that doesn't work either with CB. Puzzled!
  7. Steve, it's grayed out, if I'm catching your meaning. What keys should I press for multiple non sequential titles?
  8. Have I forgotten how to do this? I want to select multiple titles in Item Checklist from Report in menu bar for CB, but I am unable to do this. Maybe I'm clicking on wrong keys. I click on one title and its highlighted and click on Control key clicking on another title, but it just highlights that title. I can use shift key and highlight mutiple titles in a row, but I don't want to do that. I want to highlight several titles not in a row. What am I missing?
  9. I manually backup Collection Overview to the cloud weekly. Sometimes it takes days for my reports to show up under "My Comics" on CB Website and in the mobile app. I did it twice today andi t's still showing me May 4 as latest Collection Overview. I can see my latest Backup on the CB Weebsite. Anyone else having this problem?
  10. This one took me awhile to get through.Thanks again Steve for all your work.
  11. I totally agree. DC Nation #0 should be moved to Comics. #1-6 should stay in magazines.
  12. Mine is set to this and mapping is fine. C:\ComicBase Databases folder. I hope this is what you are looking for. I wish Parallels settings were explained better, in a way most of us could understand. It's always trial and error me.
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