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  1. These are the same title. I would suggest deleting Hatha-Yoga as this one had less issues, data, and pictures attached.
  2. Thank you for your advice. One last point, since most Marvel and DC comics have digital versions should all issues have a -Dig version after the paper version? e.g. Uncanny X-Men 1 1-Dig 2 2-Dig etc
  3. If I buy a comic and tear off the digital code sticker and use the code does this affect the future valuation? Is the comic mint, near mint etc? If I then download the digital comic, how do I record that I own the digital version in comicbase?
  4. Has mycomicshop watermark, here is a none watermarked version (smaller file size so would not upload on the submit content feature).
  5. A very minor issue but I thought you should know. Recently installed comicbase on my Microsoft Surface and when I launched it the load up picture was in colour. However on my desktop it is still the pencil sketch version. I am running the latest version on my desktop. So I uninstalled and re-installed on my desktop the latest version but still the pencil sketch piccy.Very odd! Other than that comicbase works fine. All the best people.
  6. Both existing covers have mycomic shop watermarks, here are none watermarked covers:
  7. The Gem was a British Story Paper. It was published first fortnightly then weekly in the United Kingdom by The Amalgamated Press. It ran from February 1907 to December 1939 for a total of 1711 issues, when it was incorporated into The Nelson Lee Library as a result of wartime paper shortages. It had two runs: The first series had issues 1 - 48. The second series had issues 1 - 1663 ComicBase lists the second series currently, so the 1st series needs adding and the title of the series currently i
  8. Just finished watching the livestream #43 where Pete asks for ideas for the picture for the front of the next version of comicbase. Previous covers have covered golden age horror, crime, sci fi, and super hero genres. The one category missing is romance. Many of the golden age publishers did romance titles. For example a cover based on for example any of the issues of Secret Love by Ajax or similar would be my shout. Take care folks.
  9. Cover 2 is mycomic shop watermark, here is a none watermark cover:
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