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  1. Thanks Steve. I intended my suggestion to be an idea for the programming team to consider adding this feature to Comicbase.
  2. Yes I do have a cbr playing software but that is not the issue here. I have done some more digging into this as it is still a problem. I have hardrive E for pictures which is a 1Tb internal SSD drive. I have a harddrive G for media files a 5 Tb sata internal drive. In manage pictures and movies I have set the following: Picture location E:\comics Media location G:\Comics\Media When I add pictures everything is fine. When I add media the media icon appears in comics base next to the relevant issue. But when I click on the media icon for the newly added media nothing happens. When I click on existing media for the title the media loads correctly. So to work out where the newly added media was going I added one with a quirky name and then did a search. Comicbase is creating and storing it in E:\comics\media folders. But since in manage and pictures and movies I have it set to G:\comics\media the program shouldn't do this. The program knows my media is on the G drive for existing media and plays and finds it correctly. But any newly added media is being stored on the E drive and then the program can't find it. Please Comicbase people fix this.
  3. It would help navigation in comicbase to have some kind of hyperlink to titles that follow or precede each other. For example X-Men 1st series title screen would have a link to Uncanny X-Men 1st Series. Other examples would be West Coast Avengers and Avengers West Coast. There are many other examples. It would also be good if Uncanny X-Men 1st Series has a link back to X-Men 1st Series. There are titles that have changed their names many times and it would make navigating through them easier. To take this idea one step further it would be excellent if the user could create their own hyperlinks between titles or even issues. It would allow us to create for example a read order of comics especially useful for crossover events. Or even if you say for example want to read the X-Men/mutant titles in order.
  4. Pretty sure issues 8,9 don't exist and could be deleted
  5. Has a watermark - here is a none watermark cover
  6. Some Marvel books have newstand annd direct variants that have slightly different covers i.e some have a barcode bottom left and other have a superhero e.g. spiderman head logo bottom left - see below images Do we want both in comicbase? At the moment there seems to be a mixture.
  7. the latest version, I am auto update, and the media file is cbr
  8. Hi , I will describe waht happens. I add a media file to an issue. The media file play icon appears. When I click on it nothing happens. Then if I go to the previous title, and then forward back to the title I was on the media icon play icon for that issue has disappeared. However if I open the media file folder for the title via another issue which has a media file and drag and drop the new media into the folder all is well. It means I can't add a media file to any issue in a title that doesn't already have a media file folder.
  9. I think there is an issue with viewing media - i.e. I can't see mine and I have the correct file path. When I add new media it goes into the correct folder and the media icon does appear next to the picture icon but the media doesn't open by clicking the media icon, and the show media in file explorer option remains greyed out.
  10. Came back -couldn't resist -the fix works - the subtlest of issues causing chaos - I give thanks to Pete and Andrew - have a drink on me! Happy holiday folks.
  11. Same here, it won't load the database - enough for today going to have a Martini and watch the NFL
  12. when comicbase 2021 is installed (the program doesnt run my databases as above) - but go to screensavers (in windows settings)and select the comicbase screensaver (archive edition only). To see it in action use the preview button.
  13. Will run with cb 2020 for now, let HC have a good Thanksgiving - they work hard.
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