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  1. Sorcerers ken Kesey is an collection of fantasy art and should therefore be in the books section
  2. Was watching a youtube on comic restoration and he was restoring this comic. Checked e-bay and it sells for £500-£1500, but I can't find it in Comicbase. It was given away with a computer game and a lot of gamers binned it , hence it is rare.
  3. Came across a box of these in my attic and decided to sell them. Thought they were worth small change till I looked on e-bay. The prices on e-bay for certain issues is astonishing i.e. issue 61 - between £70 and £600, many others have this range. Apparently 1st appearance and 1st small excerpts of the actual comics are the reason. Issue 54 (1st secret invasion), also issue 62, also issue 61 (1st Red Hulk). The prices in Comicbase are much much lower. Could someone at Comicbase HQ do a price check on this series? I watched the last live stream on amazing prices for comics/bits of comics. Are things now so crazy that preview mags are now worth serious money?
  4. Thanks Gregory, This helps alot. I will submit title subscriptions to the forum from now on -but it is a long winded way to do it. Title descriptions I have already done on my own database -will these remain or will they be overwritten with the weekly updates?
  5. If I go to modify title and either correct the year, or the description, or the comments, or the tags, and then click submit new or corrected data, do these corrections hit Comicbase HQ? If not how do we submit title corrections? I come across title descriptions and would like to submit them wherever there isn't one already.
  6. I own a few of these. The number on the shrink wrap sticker is the issue number. The number on the spine of the book is the volume number. The indicia inside the book simply lists the comics that are being re-printed.
  7. I am wanting to sort this title out. At the moment a lot of them are missing, however before I start I would like some guidance on the numbering. The 1st issue released i.e. issue one was the Amazing Spider-Man Coming Home - however this is volume 21 (when you put them in volume order on the shelf the spines form a picture) The 2nd issue was the Uncanny X-Men, and this was volume 2. Issue 3 was Iron man Extremis, but this was volume 43. And so it continues. Do you want the numbering to be based on issue i.e. the order they were released or by volume i.e. the order they are put in on the bookshelf to form the spine picture?
  8. That worked , many thanks. I will now finish correcting the covers.
  9. Got to this title which was a much loved British comic that I used to read. A lot of the covers are duplicates, or attached to the wrong issue number or date. I have tidied up issues 1-175 but some of the correct covers won't upload because they are smaller, thus leaving some incorrect covers. If the covers of these issues could be deleted in the next update -I could then submit all the correct covers. My main issue is that having got to issue 176, the date of this issue should be 23/2/1980 not 29/2/1980. Issue 177 should be 29/2/1980, 178 should be 1/3/1980 etc etc, Is there a fast way of correcting the dates of issues 176-860, or is the only way the laborious one at a time? I will pause indexing/correcting this title for now. Until I hear from you. There is however a lot of correcting still to be done.
  10. "Rose & Gunn" and "Rose N Gunn" are the same title Rose N Gunn needs deleting.
  11. I would like the facility so that as with submitting a correction I could submit a comment about an issue. The editors could then look at the comment and act or not as the case may be. For example when a comic issue has a "my comics store" watermark. Or where I have a none water marked cover that is smaller than the water marked cover (prelimary/my comic shop etc), the watermarked cover needs removing. The idea being that these covers can be removed in the next update, so the better cover can be submited. Also I come across issues which either don't exist or where never published - I would comment on these issues such that the editors could remove them. Comments on the value of issues could also be done this way Also other comments could be made i.e. poor quality cover -which then could be flagged/highlighted (may be by highlighing the issue in a different colour) in updates for users so if they come across a better cover they can submit it. Doing these corrections via the forum takes too long.
  12. Should this be Poison Elves: Petunia (Drew Hayes’…)?
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