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  1. Just finished watching the livestream #43 where Pete asks for ideas for the picture for the front of the next version of comicbase. Previous covers have covered golden age horror, crime, sci fi, and super hero genres. The one category missing is romance. Many of the golden age publishers did romance titles. For example a cover based on for example any of the issues of Secret Love by Ajax or similar would be my shout. Take care folks.
  2. Cover 2 is mycomic shop watermark, here is a none watermark cover:
  3. What I mean is that I would like an option so that I don't have to choose between comic, books, or magazine, so that I view all 3 at once. I.e. to be able to browse through everything with the forward/back buttons without having to filter into either comics, books, or magazines.
  4. The first drop down menu for either books, comic books, or magazines -could we have a fourth option for everything?
  5. You get multiple items of the same currency to pick from, especially euro, USD, but there are others. Yesterday when I picked one it didn't work, however today it does.
  6. This does not work and needs fixing please.
  7. Covers for issue 1 and 3 have comics shop watermarks. Alas I don't have replacements.
  8. Issue 13 doesn't exist Publishing started with St John : issues 1-12 Then Charlton picked up the title and started with issue 14, skipping issue 13 (guess they figured it would be bad luck to start with 13)
  9. A lot of the covers are incorrect in that they are the US version. (pricing in cents) I enclose the UK versions I have. (pricing in pence)
  10. Sorry meant watermarks. And it is covers 1-12
  11. All the first edition covers have mycomicshop imprints. So these need deleting. I have none imprinted covers but they are smaller file size and don't seem to upload. (I don't get the box asking me if I want to upload).
  12. The cover for 1-3 is incorrect. The cover is in fact for one of the printings of issue 2.
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