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  1. If I close Comicbase just after being at a title with a lot of issues e.g. 2000 A.D. The next time I open comicbase it does not load however long I wait and I have to use taskmanager to close the program. The only way out is to load an old database which then loses the work I have been doing or to reinstall comicbase from scratch.
  2. I would like to be able to edit the main database window whilst viewing a picture. At the moment when I am viewing a picture, if I click on the database window the picture disappears behind the database window which is annoying. Even with 2 monitors once you start editing the main database window the picture window disappears.
  3. Working on Comicbase today gave me two more ideas to do with navigation: 1) I often need to go back to a previoustitle I have just been working on and at the moment I have to navigate there and it is a pain typing it in again. It would be great if the program had a memory and you could simply back arrow to the previous title. 2) When viewing pictures I would like to navigate quickly through them - some arrows on the picture pain to take you to the next or previous picture would be useful. Take care people.
  4. 1) a column for each issues print run (though I don't know where you or I would find this data from) 2) a place to rate an issue (one to five stars - for example I would give giant size x-men 5 stars - my favorite comic of all time) 3) ratings could be uploaded to comic base hq and amalgamated ratings for an issue sent as part of the weekly update 4) a place for an issue precis 5) a place for an issue review 6) when submitting data ie covers I preferred the older systemwith a graphic which counted down the issues being uploaded 7) we have a link to google and GCD, I would also like a link to comicvine 😎 I would like a second media column so I could have a link to both a youtube trailer and a cbr file 10) would like something more to go on the issue title screen which is bare at times , may be a larger publisher logo (as a background), may be a title rating, or both 11) the ability to customise the opening comicbase jingle to a diffent tune or import our own - as a long time use I fine it annoying and hit the mute button Just ideas and I love the program. Take care.
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