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  1. 1) Many old UK comics were half a pence i.e. 0.005. This figure is rounded up by comicbase to £0.01. It would be useful to be able to have the price stay at 0.005p 2) U.K. went decimal in 1971. With one British pound being made up of 100 pence. Before this UK currency was very odd, being divided into pounds, shillings and pence - £, s, d One pound was made up of 20 shillings (20s) or 240 pence (240d). One shilling was therefore equal to 12 pence or 12d. Comicbase currently can't handle this. 3) Yugoslavia no longer exists but there are many Yugoslavian comics with the currency code for the Yugoslavian dinar being YUM. Comicbase can't currently allow these comics to be entered.
  2. Code Yugoslavia be added to the countries list and the currency code YUM added to the currencies?
  3. On the website, top right box, under where the number of Titles, Comics, Publishers, have the number of Cover Pictures?
  4. Thanks Pete, you response gave me an idea. Both problems were solved by going to preferences and turning off "automatically download larger picture when viewing files". Somehow in my upgrading this got turned on. Now no writing over my pictures and also no more lagging. Yippee! Thank you.
  5. I am still having the issue where I upload a larger cover only for ComicBase to over write it with the original cover. I am on ComicBase Archive Edition 2023 with the latest patch. For example title Steven Universe cover 1-C and 1-D - the covers attached are bigger -but they keep being overwritten by the original smaller/prelim covers. I did the indexing that Pete suggested but I am still getting the issue. As a second issue when I scroll down through issues the main picture lags badly 1-4 seconds and sometimes does not update at all.
  6. I am backing up my picture file and I currently have 997 000 (approximate) pictures and I don't have them all. How many are in the master database, we must be near a million??
  7. Did the rebuild lists and this issue has resolved -many thanks. The only issue I have now is that when I scroll down through issues the picture in the main window lags i.e. the cover of the highlighted issue takes seconds to load. With the previous version of Comicbase it was pretty instant. I have a SSD for my pictures folder so its not my machine.
  8. Latest build fixes the issue for me - many thanks
  9. Will do when the rebuild lists finishes!
  10. I am on the latest build - slow and stuttering is a good description
  11. Since upgrading I have found that the grid is slower to load for nearly every title,(in some cases agonisingly slow to scroll down); when one of the benefits of a 64 bit program was it was meant to be much faster. I don't know if I have installed it incorrectly (it seemed to install smoothly), or whether its my PC which is 3 years old, or whether there is some other issue. Any ideas folks?
  12. After adding a larger cover to Comicbase, when I click on the cover Comicbase overwrites it with the original smaller cover meaning I can't then upload it to you. I can't even keep my larger cover. Please help.
  13. Sorcerers ken Kesey is an collection of fantasy art and should therefore be in the books section
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