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  1. Pete, Is it possibel for you to add to Collection Statistics a "Show Breakdown By:" Digital in Stock?
  2. Besides Supergirl #41, #42 and The Terrifics #28, #29, #30 going digital only, House of Whispers #21, #22, Titans Giant #2, The Flash Giant #5, Swamp Thing Giant #5 are also going digital only. Also, Lucifer #19-24 will be released directly as a collected edition. Many other of DC comics canceled. What the heck is going on at DC?
  3. Thanks, now I've noticed that Batman VS The Incredible Hulk is under DC Special Series as well as it's own title in Comic Base.
  4. I'm having a hard time finding these two Treasury/ Special Editions in ComicBase. I'm sure they are here.
  5. OK. Just noticed the misspelling of downloading. Time limit to edit this has passed.
  6. I was just told that DC will be publishing the last 2 issues of The Terrifics and last 2 issues of Supergirl in digital form only. Comixcology doesn't allow you to download digital DC comics that you purchased due to DRM. Is there a another way to put these into ComicBase?
  7. Wrong cover for Comics: The Golden Age #3. The cover you have is for Comics:The Golden Age: The History of the DC Universe. I've uploaded the correct cover. Also uploaded this missing title.
  8. The wrong cover is showing for Charlton Spotlight #1. Looks lke a reprint magazine from 2005. I've uploaded the correct cover.
  9. Is there a way to have current value "0.00" in "Collection Statistics"? I have deleted the "Condition" field for magazines because I don't want that. Deleted "Price" field also. I still get "Total Value' and "Total Price" of the NM Value in "Collection Statistics ".
  10. I want to remove a Backup database from my mobile report on my iPhone. I got to my profile on my account in my browser, and when I click on the Backup database it switches right back to my database not allowing me to remove it. I am holding down my cursor so you can see both for the screenshot. If i move the cursor down to the Backup, it just goes right back to my database with checkmark. Am I missing something here?
  11. In playing with it I found I had to quit ComicBase and then reopen to have the column move to where I wanted it. Not sure if this is by design or a bug.
  12. When I now check mark on a column in setup "Columns to View" and move it up to where I want it to appear on my grid, it's not moving over. It's staying as the last column in the grid. Any ideas?
  13. Suggested feature: I would like to be able to click on a book and see how many have sold recently and at what price. As an example: Click on Showcase #55 and see sale dates and the prices it went for. What do you all think?
  14. Only a partial scan of "The Green Lantern Season Two" 1/B cover is shown in database.
  15. There is only a partial scan of Harley Quinn 3rd Series #70 Variaton A shown.
  16. It's all good Mark. My bad. I thought it was under profile, which shows that you have a backup in cloud, but it's in backup. I just looked in the wrong place.
  17. Did the backup under my acount/ profile use to show the date of last backup? Did I imagine that? It doesn't show date now if it did before.
  18. Wonder Woman 1st Series #751 is missing this week. It goes from #750 and then the next issue is #753. Propably has to do with DC going back to the 1st series.
  19. The title for this weeks "Crimes of Passion" is incorrect. The indica has "DC's Crimes of Passion" for the tiltle.
  20. Thanks, I posted it to Pete's channel. He is checking it out just as I type this too you.
  21. I tried to upload 4 covers that were missing from this weeks update. I got a very strange error message. I will try to repeat it next week and see what happens. I don't think they got submitted. Batman #87, Wonder Woman #750-A, Birds of Prey Giant #1, and Shazam! #10.
  22. I have the issue too. I move both ends in quite a bit, quit, reopen and it's back to full screen.
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