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  1. Is there a way to have current value "0.00" in "Collection Statistics"? I have deleted the "Condition" field for magazines because I don't want that. Deleted "Price" field also. I still get "Total Value' and "Total Price"  of the NM Value in "Collection Statistics ".  


  2. I want to remove a Backup database from my mobile report on my iPhone. I got to my profile on my account in my browser, and when I click on the Backup database it switches right back to my database not allowing me to remove it. I am holding down my cursor so you can see both for the screenshot. If i move the cursor down to the Backup, it just goes right back to my database with checkmark. Am I missing something here? 


  3. When I now check mark on a column in setup "Columns to View" and move it up to where I want it to appear on my grid, it's not moving over. It's staying as the last column in the grid. Any ideas? 

  4. I tried to upload 4 covers that were missing from this weeks update. I got a very strange error message. I will try to repeat it next week and see what happens. I don't think they got submitted. Batman #87, Wonder Woman #750-A, Birds of Prey Giant #1, and Shazam! #10.


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