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  1. It's a shame that there will be no action on this as there are remedies to fix titles. I was stunned to learn that the foreign key that links titles and items together is the title itself and not a unique identifier of some kind. I understand this is a legacy problem and sympathize but it seems strange that the answer is inaction especially for a product that emphasizes organization. At worst, a new title field could be implemented that is curated by ComicBase following a well-defined standard and that could be activated via a preference. Until then, if ever, I guess we'll have to live with the existing disorganization. ☹️
  2. @Gregory HechtI have a hard time making the live streams... is there any chance you can bring this up on the live stream today? Best, Walt
  3. I think it's a great idea, I'm just afraid this is going to die on the vine and I'll be complaining about it again the next time I come across a crazy title.
  4. I definitely expected as much but I still think it's sad since ComicBase is the defacto comic book database. I realize that CB is nearing 30 years old but there is so much mess in it that it makes finding some things near impossible. One has to constantly think how some might have cataloged a title. Did they: Lop it on to the same title from another publisher (eg. Blondie) Throw multiple different titles under the same pot (eg. ... Spider-Man Comics Weekly #1-157 Super Spider-Man with the Super-Heroes #158-198 Super Spider-Man and the Titans #199-230 Super Spider-Man and Captain Britain #231-253 ( no title, number or date in the indicia) Super Spider-Man #254-310 Spider-Man Comic #311-333 The Spectacular Spider-Man Weekly #334-375 Spider-Man and Hulk Weekly #376-424 Spider-Man and Hulk Team-Up #425-449 Super Spider-Man TV Comic #450-499 Spider-Man #500-552 Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends #553-578 Spider-Man #579-633 The Spider-Man Comic #634-650 Spidey Comic #651-666 All this leads to is someone creating a new title because they can't find an existing one (e.g. Super Spider-Man and The Titans) Ignore the indicia and add it to the bottom of a different title. Not pay attention to how other titles were organized. In the case of Metal Men or Star Wars or titles that have multiple series, scroll through the list hoping that the logo on the comic associated with the title is representative enough that you choose the correct before trying again. One of the selling points that Pete, himself, makes is how labeling your comics makes it easier to organize and find them -- that may be true for a few titles but this lack of consistency makes that claim nearly preposterous in quite a few cases. Not know the start of a title and just guess locking the first issue in stone and making the addition of previous issues impossible (e.g. DC Coming Comics) And those are just a sample of the cases that I've come across. I have a monstrous collection that I want to organize and these inconsistencies make it difficult to do so. I can't believe that these issues can't be resolved in a database (which is really the point of a database and that is to resolve inconsistencies). I'm hoping the ultimate answer is not "well it's set in stone now" so we can't do anything about it. Because then everyone is at the whim and mercy of whomever enters a new title and all everyone can do is hope that they enter it correctly. That seems like the worst possible answer. --Walt
  5. One of the things I'm noticing in ComicBase is inconsistency in naming titles. I'm also providing how the Grand Comics Database (GCD) does it. Here's an example: GCD: Metal Men (1963) / ComicBase: Metal Men GCD: Metal Men (1993) / ComicBase: Metal Men (Mini-Series) GCD: Metal Men (2007) / ComicBase: Metal Men (3rd Series) GCD: Metal Men (2019) / Comic Base: Metal Men (4th Series) The problem comes in if you choose to use labels either for identification or pricing or even finding the title in a list if there are multiple series. Because Metal Men (Mini-Series) isn't titled as Metal Men (2nd Series), it doesn't alphabetize in the correct order with the other series. This is compounded on labels due to the lack of the date of publication not being included, so it's difficult to determine the order from the label. I see one of two solutions to this: Use the GCD style which identifies a series using the year of first publication. (I'm sure this is problematic due to legacy issues) Maintain a consistent CB style which skews towards (2nd Series), (3rd Series), (4th Series), etc. Personally, I prefer the GCD style because, at least, there's some semblance of date on the label. If the series identification choice must be maintained, can an outlier like Metal Men (Mini-Series) be corrected? Thanks, Walt
  6. Never mind. I figured out what happened. I added a couple of issues via Add By Barcode and it chose the comic book version.
  7. I'm still seeing the comic book version of Back Issue in the drop down. If I select the comic book version, I see two entries: #131 and #132. Was there a setting I missed?
  8. I was just about to create a topic on the same thing regarding Back Issue when I noticed that you had started one @Gregory Hecht! Good show and I agree!
  9. Thanks, Mark! That would be true if you've installed a label printer's drivers but the Label types dropdown only displays label types for Avery and Dymo. At this point, it doesn't matter as I've bitten the bullet and bought a Dymo 4XL. Thanks again, Walt
  10. I ended up getting a Dymo 4XL. Looking forward to printing labels.
  11. Hi, I'm reaching out to see if ComicBase supports label printers other than Dymo. Thanks, Walt
  12. Hi, Gregory, sorry, I missed this before posting my rant. I have about 10 years of DC Coming Comics and, unfortunately, no, there are no issue numbers nor indicia, which is really strange, especially since the prior incarnation, DC Coming Attractions, had them. Best, Walt
  13. The downside of this decision is that I can't enter nor scan covers for prior issues that I have unless, by some miracle, a first issue is discovered for a title that doesn't have issue numbers nor indicia. The current starting item number of this title in ComicBase is 1 with a cover date of June 1988. I have seen online scans dating as far back as April 1985 (over 3 years earlier). If the current decision stands, I'm basically at a stand still entering this title and, quite frankly, it doesn't give me a lot of confidence going forward when I next hit a similar road block. I've already run into a situation in ComicBase where I had issues of a title (without indicia) whose numbering continued from another title yet was indexed under the original title. I had to research outside of ComicBase to discover what the original title might be -- which seems crazy. It was Super Spider-Man and Captain Britain which were indexed under Spider-Man Comics Weekly because that's where the numbering originated. A note says "Title sometimes known as Super Spider-Man". I don't know how that helps. At any rate, I'm feeling a little frustrated here.
  14. Thanks, Mark! I'll hold off on proceeding any further until I hear back.
  15. Another question. I'm in the process of changing the numbering and scanning in covers. I did notice that there were a few issues that rather than having a month were identified as Holiday or Winter with a year. How should these be handled? Thanks, Walt
  16. Thanks, Gregory-- I wasn't sure of the process but this helps! Best, Walt
  17. Hi, Gregory, that's what I was thinking, too! But there are already issues out there with item numbers starting with one. How should this be handled? Best, Walt
  18. I'm going to try and track this down. We'll see... but if finding the starting point is key, it will prevent me from accurately entering my earlier issues. Thanks, Walt
  19. Hi, all-- I have a pretty good collection of DC Coming Comics dating back to Oct. 1985. However, when I look at ComicBase's list, it starts in 1988 with #1, which can't be correct. From what I can tell, DC Coming Comics don't have an indicia at all due to it primarily being a retailer-oriented publication with only a cover date and year to identify it. I'd like to fill-in some of the missing issues with what I have but don't know how to proceed given the issue # problem. I would think something along the lines of 198510 or even 8510 would suffice since I believe it ended around 1995 prior to 2000. What would be the guidance in getting this problem sorted out? Best, Walt
  20. Here's a more useful example that would get a majority of the first-parts of the annual JLA/JSA team-ups in Justice League of America -- although not perfect since I'm only checking against the month of August. strftime('%m',I.[CoverDate]) = '08' and (I.CoverDate BETWEEN '1963-08-01' AND '1987-05-01') AND i.Title = 'Justice League of America'
  21. Steven, thanks for checking the timing on that. While slow, strftime can still useful if you want to do a query like this where you want to find all issues of a title that came out in a certain month. Here are all the issues of the 1973 series SHAZAM! that have a cover date of April. Note that the month has to be a 2-digit value. strftime('%m',I.[CoverDate]) = '04' and (I.CoverDate BETWEEN '1973-01-01' AND '1978-12-31') AND I.Title = 'SHAZAM!'
  22. Here's another way to retrieve all cover dates for a year... Find all comics with a cover date of a specific year strftime('%Y',I.[CoverDate]) = '2022'
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