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  1. Hi Dylan, Thank you !! Those two codes you provided worked along with the basic configuration that is listed in the PDF I posted. I started the configuration, scanned your two codes and then the two codes from the PDF (Decode with supplement & Transmit 2&5). I then scanned 'end configuration' and then 'save parameters' code. Works great! I can scan in a comic as normal into the search bar and it takes me to the correct comic. I can use the ctrl 'i' (not j as i have 2021 archive edition) and can scan in multiple comics into the 'add by barcode' window. I then scanned in the label bar codes I created and it worked for both the search bar and the 'add by barcode' feature as well. Works great!! Thanks!! Clyde Kennedy
  2. Hi, I'm using the Manhattan CCD scanner I purchased some years ago with my Comicbase product and I am getting the same issue with the printed bar code labels. It reads it and does not include the leading and ending characters. I have reset the DB, the scanner, and reconfigured it several times. I have the latest 2021 version with the updates. Is there something missing in the scanners' configs? Again, I'm using the configs you suggest in the PDF for the Manhattan scanner. Here's the config you provided: Any thoughts or suggestions? I have printed out about 3 pages of labels and now find they don't work. I'll still use them but the bar code is currently useless. thanks! Clyde Kennedy
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