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  1. I would say it's not in the database yet.  It should be under the ongoing title "Detective Comics" with a modified issue number to distinguish it as a giveaway copy of #27.  Overstreet lists it in the Promotional section of the guide (page 290 in the 51st edition, i.e., the 2021-22 edition) with 1984 as its publishing date.  Assuming this is the copy you're seeking, you could create the issue and then upload it for review so that it can be added to the master database.



  2. I added a cover scan to the Gold Key one-shot currently entitled "Lion (Goldkey)" in the database.  The correct title is "The Lion" - missing the definite article.  Not sure if you'd accept my correcting the title, so thought this would be a better way to fix it.

    r/ Mike

  3. Possibly, but the cover appears to be black behind the artwork, rather than the shiny silver foil of the copy I have.  I suppose that could be the result of the scanner that was used, but it doesn't look like the actual cover is silver.  The words "Convention Exclusive" do look like they're formatted the same way as my copy.  And, 1/G is a comic convention variant cover, so perhaps this is it.

  4. I have a copy of Justice league (3rd series) #1 with "Convention Exclusive" in the lower left corner, no bar code on the cover.  It has a silver foil cover (front and back).  The front cover image is the same as the standard cover.  Before I enter it as a new variant cover (1/V looks like the next # in sequence), I'm trying to find out if it's one of the variants already listed, for which no cover is available.  Does anybody know?



  5. That's a good point, but it seems that the way you'd know the cover artist information is not correct (against what's printed in the credits in the actual issue) would be from looking in the actual issue.  This being the case, the redundant data in the Item Description is again that: redundant.  The Cover Artist field has a clear purpose, and was added several years ago to remove the need (up to that time) to put cover art/ink credits in the Item Description.

  6. It's generous to accommodate Express version users this way; though since that's important, perhaps you should expand the Express version to provide cover images.  Then, the users of the other versions wouldn't have to carry this data just for the benefit of the Express users.

    I usually delete this repetitive data in my copy of the database after I've confirmed it's in the proper field.  With other data in the field and by setting my weekly update appropriately, I avoid the automatic re-population of the cover artist data.

  7. Yep, I thought about the internet connection, but haven't noticed any particular changes in connection speed, at least none that I've noticed.  I do use Norton for internet security, but have been using it for many years without this issue - tho' perhaps Norton has changed something in its background operation - which isn't beyond the realm of possibility by any stretch of imagination.

    Thanks for the ideas.  I'll update this if the problem corrects itself.



  8. Good thoughts to consider, Mark, thanks.

    So far the slow start has been consistent.  The db is stored in its default location, as is all other CB install options.  I looked at older versions and my db has stayed around 825 mb in size, no noticeable increase or decrease since updating to the 2022 version.

    I haven't experienced a similar lag in any other programs; they all open the way they have been for a long time.  I do periodically perform the deep clean-type of actions that you suggest.  It's been a couple of weeks since I last did that, so I'll repeat those and see if there's any improvement.

  9. Comicbase used to take 10-15 seconds from clicking on the icon to the database window open and ready to use.  Since installing the 2022 edition, it now takes nearly 3 minutes.  The first minute passes with the opening dialog box displayed, the status bar frozen around 2/3 complete.  Then, the window frame opens with a black screen while the status bar reads "not responding" for another 2 minutes.  I'm running the Archive edition and downloaded/installed the new edition without any deviation from the default procedure.  I also haven't made any  other changes to my computer since before or after installing the new edition.

    Any thoughts/ideas?



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