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  1. I have looked in the forums and articles and have not seen a definitive answer.  Is there a way that a particular column can be updated with the same value at one time.  I have created a custom column that shows the box number the book is in for easier reference.  I would like to be able to enter all the books in using the Ctrl+I function and display the entered books, then be able to select the column and add the Box ID to all the rows at once.  Is that functionality available?

  2. I am still having the same issue trying to save a report to the web.  I have verified I am logged into the comicbase.com website, as a test, and everything else seems to communicate fine.  Sidekick says I pulled this week's update overnight without error.  Any ideas for me to try?


  3. I was wondering if there was a way to download the cover images of the issues I own in one batch method.  It seems as though the Archive database is either not assigning a ton of images to books in the database or perhaps I did something wrong during the install.  I did re-set the install location of the images to the D:/ drive, as I did the application files.  However, so far, it seems as though I am downloading 90% of the covers for books that I have entered.  Any ideas?

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