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  1. I searched the forum for an answer to this question and did not see anything. For some of the series that I have in single issues, I will collect them and have them bound into custom hardbacks. Right now, I have been setting the Qty on the individual issues to 0 and creating a new entry for the collected volume and entering the issues included and any other info. However, does anyone have any other ideas of how I can group the single issues into a single entry or somehow save some time and effort to collect the contents of this custom bind into one volume?
  2. I know that there has been requests for the ability for users with the knowledge to be able to create custom reports. I understand the reasons that have been given for not wanting to go down that road. However, what if there was a Database View created, with its own Read-Only credentials, that contained all the columns that are available on the Title Detail screen? This would allow End Users with report writing experience to create their own reports and protect the integrity of the Master Database. The code to create the login and view could be in an update and a parameter created that needed to be acknowledged to actually execute that code. This would allow users that are not interested or those straddling the line of available drive space to forgo creating it. Just a thought.
  3. Since Comicbase is going to a 64-bit architecture, what is the possibility of adding a cover image search to the Lookup functionality? I use the Barcode search quite a bit for adding books, but when i hit a run of Direct Market books or just books without UPC codes, it is sometimes a bit difficult to figure out what the title actually is for the book. Being able to snap a picture of the book with my phone, import it, and search the database for a match could be very helpful.
  4. I have looked in the forums and articles and have not seen a definitive answer. Is there a way that a particular column can be updated with the same value at one time. I have created a custom column that shows the box number the book is in for easier reference. I would like to be able to enter all the books in using the Ctrl+I function and display the entered books, then be able to select the column and add the Box ID to all the rows at once. Is that functionality available?
  5. Never mind on this issue, it was the fact I that I did an alternate install location for the images. Once I installed them on the C:/ Drive, as it defaulted, the images linked up to the entries. So, this is resolved.
  6. I am still having the same issue trying to save a report to the web. I have verified I am logged into the comicbase.com website, as a test, and everything else seems to communicate fine. Sidekick says I pulled this week's update overnight without error. Any ideas for me to try?
  7. I was wondering if there was a way to download the cover images of the issues I own in one batch method. It seems as though the Archive database is either not assigning a ton of images to books in the database or perhaps I did something wrong during the install. I did re-set the install location of the images to the D:/ drive, as I did the application files. However, so far, it seems as though I am downloading 90% of the covers for books that I have entered. Any ideas?
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