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  1. Hello. I recently switched from Windows to using Linux Mint (Cinnamon) for my OS. Has anyone every tried using ComicBase in Linux via WINE or any of the other programs for running a Windows program in Linux?
  2. I also only use ComicBase for my comic books and comic book related items (hard cover books, graphic novels, etc.) and would like to be able to exclude newspapers and magazines. That would be a feature I and apparently others would like to have. On that theme, if I were to delete from my database all of those newspapers and magazines that I don't want, would they just come back in the next update?
  3. I'm having the same error message, and I closed the program, restarted it and tries again and received the same error. I'd try clearing the items in the folder you mentioned, but I don't know where that is. Is that the "Temp" folder? I don't know about the "%tem%" description - I'm not a programmer. 🙂
  4. I just tried to update from within the program (not Sidekick) and I received the below error.
  5. Okay, so I think I submitted both these missing issues for review. Hopefully whomever checks them out feels free to correct/modify anything I did wrong or is incorrect.
  6. Thank you Adam and Steve. I will read up on how to submit it as a new entry. Any ideas on that "free" Pizza Hut X-Men issue?
  7. It is a treasury-sized comic, and it is "exactly" the same one in the link Steven posted.
  8. Rather than start a new topic, here's another title I'm stumped on. It's a Pizza Hut Giveaway, but it's not one of the #'s 1-4 listed in CB. No cover price, published 1/1/1993. I tried searching on 'Atomic Avenue' and couldn't find it. Any other search suggestions for CB? Thanks. Issue Notes Giveaway mini-comic with centerfold coupons; Distributed in tandem with the X-Men Collectors Edition #1-4 giveaway comics from Pizza Hut; Comic has no indicia; Title taken from the cover.
  9. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll give them a try.
  10. I'm having a very difficult time finding the correct spot in CB for this treasury-size edition of the "Special Collectors Edition!" of Marvel Special Edition - Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. The publication date is 3/1/1980. I've tried searching "star wars", "Marvel Special Edition", and "Empire Strikes Back" to no avail. Anyone think of anything else? Thanks in advance.
  11. Ugh! I'm seeing the problems of when a title is classified as one thing and possibly another, but being the same title. The title I'm referring to is "Avengers Chronicles, The" (not "Avenger Chronicles, The"). The situation is that it is actually "Fantaco's Chronicles Series" in CB as issue #4. To make things even MORE confusing, "X-Men Chronicles, The" is listed as issue #1, but also as a totally separate title as "X-Men Chronicles (FantaCo) in CB. Both are the exact same book. "face-palm"
  12. You are so AWESOME! Thank you for helping me all of this. I will work on the modifications you listed and let you know how it goes. Thank you again VERY much! 🙂
  13. I've attached a sample of the export to a .csv and changed to a .txt file. Thank you SO much for your help with this! I sincerely appreciate it because otherwise, I'd be lost. CSVWorking File 01-02-2020.txt
  14. I just tried an experiment. I opened a copy of my exported .txt file and did a "find & replace" finding the "tab" and replacing it with a ",". I then imported that file into CB and made sure to select the "Separator" as "comma" instead of "tab" in the bottom right corner of the CB import window. I thought it worked, but all of the "Qty" and "Cost" fields are all 0 (zeroes). That doesn't seem to be working either. I'm stumped!
  15. I'll again expose my ignorance by saying I don't know how to export out of Excel to a comma separated .txt file. The only option I saw would be saved as a .csv file, and CB only looks for .txt files. I tried exporting out of Excel as a Unicode Text .txt, and also the Text (MS-DOS) .txt, and neither of those two .txt files imported into CB correctly. With the Text (Tab delimited) .txt, at least "most" of my collection imported into CB properly. It was just anything with the , in the title that didn't work. I may just be completely dumb, but if there's a way to export out of Excel as a comma separation instead of tab, how would I do that/what type would I choose?
  16. The odd thing I noticed when I exported from my spreadsheet to the text file is that some of the titles show up with " " marks around them, and those are the titles that don't import into CB. I did a test of removing the " " marks around "2001, A Space Odyssey" and also "Avengers, The" but that didn't seem to make a difference. They still did not import. Why are the " " marks showing up for some titles, but not others, and why would they possibly be the reason the titles with the " " marks not import? Thanks as always for your hlep.
  17. Okay, so I finally finished modifying my spreadsheet to match the fields as recommended. I created a new DB and imported the spreadsheet that I converted as tab delimited text, and it appears it imported it all - mostly. I have some odd examples of what did and did not get imported. 2001, A Space Odyssey did not import, but 2010 did. None of my Avengers, The were imported, either. I tried a test with adjusting Avengers, The to The Avengers, but that didn't work either. Is there a text list of "exactly" how the titles need to be for them to import? Any suggestions?
  18. Yes, I have the "Professional Edition". Whew, this is going to take a while. I'm going through and trying to make sure my "Title" names match the names in C.B. and I only made it through the A's and B's. Time for a break. Thanks for all the help, and I'll let you know what happens when I finally finish tweaking my spreadsheet and try to import it.
  19. Thank you for the info on annuals. Another question - even though I downloaded and installed the covers, why does it only show a cover image for the very first entry of a title and no others?
  20. I'm home sick from work today and thought I'd spend a little time adjusting the Excel spreadsheet I have with your recommendations. I think I'm just going to eliminate the "Variation" column altogether. It's all that variant-cover crap that pissed me off to no end and when I stopped buying new comics. I have most changes made that was recommended, but I'm a bit stuck on the "Title" changes to match what is in C.B. How does C.B. handle Annuals? For example: Avengers Annual, Captain America Annual, Conan Annual, Daredevil Annual, etc.
  21. Hello. Mark J. Castaneda mentioned I could contact you Tech Support people directly, so I hope this is how he meant for me to do that. I have my entire collection (around 7,000 pieces) in an Excel spreadsheet. I saved the contents in a tab delimited .txt format. I've attached a small sample of it as "Alpha Flight Test" in which you can see the only fields I have include: Title, Item #, Variation, Cover Date, Cover Price, Cost, Condition, and CGC Rate. How it was exported, there is not "how many copies", but instead if I have more than one copy the same line is presented as many times as many copies I have. (e.g. - #'s 1, 30, 31). For my complete list I created a new database in C.B. and called it "My Collection" and used the "Import..." command, and in the "Import" box I selected the fields, "Title, Item #, Variation, Cover Date, Cover Price, Cost, Condition, and Add Blank Item (for the CGC Rate)". When I clicked on "Import" the one box below showed up after a few minutes of importing the data and I clicked "OK". What seemed to happen is that all of the "Titles" of the comics I have were imported, but there's absolutely no information shown below the various Titles that I can click through. I admit I know absolutely nothing about databases, so I really appreciate your ability to "dumb-down" for me to understand. What I'm hoping I will be able to do is import the titles I have, which issues and how many issues, their condition, price paid, but also be able to keep all the FREAKING AWESOME information that you all have put into your "Master" database (e.g. - writer, artist, inker, etc.). Is what I'm hoping to do possible, and if so, how? Thank you in advance for your time, patience with a newbie, and for this FREAKING AWESOME database you've put together! 🙂 Alpha Flight Test.txt
  22. Hello. I'm brand new to ComicBase (and databases in general) and appreciate your advice in advance for a couple of questions I have. 1) I have my entire comic book collection (over 6,600 comics) in an Excel spreadsheet. Is it possible for me to import the data from that spreadsheet into ComicBase? If so, how would I do that? 2) Can I make a database that only has listings that I have, and would that make it run better? I don't purchase any new comics (stopped buying comics in mid 90's) and am only now and then purchasing older comics to fill in gaps. If so, how would I do that? Thank you.
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