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  1. So, I set to same directory and right-side x closed and a file was made. I set back to a backup directory and it is making backups. Using upper-right and through file-exit. One thing I noticed is that at least on my Surface is that I no longer see the popup window showing one being copied. Seems to be working now.
  2. Thanks for the note. I do have the box selected with a separate directory for the save. I am running the 3162 version. I usually exit through the upper right "X" in this version and the last.
  3. I have had the save backup on exit enabled but it is no longer working. I have double checked that it is selected, but it will not save a copy upon exit. I've added comics over th weekend, but as you can see in the attached image, copy was not made nor is there a pattern to when it is made. Thanks, Scott
  4. While trying to update my database with either Sidekick or within the application, I get an error stating that "It looks like the latest updater file is still in the process of being posted. Please try again in several minutes." The database has not been updated since Dec 18th. -Scott
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