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  1. Mark, Thanks for the reply, but I just found that Carbonite had a backup from last Thursday. I was able to restore that. When I get a minute, I'll attempt to recreate the error.
  2. I have a backup from early December (probably the last time that I closed ComicBase), but I've entered and updated at least a couple hundred records since then. I attempted to download the backup at the link provided, but I get an HTTP 403: Access Denied error. I'm fairly certain that I can recreate the problem, as it had happened earlier when I first upgraded to CB2020 in early December, but since I had been using it for less than a day, I just reloaded the old CB2011 database and started fresh. I will attempt to recreate this error when I have some free time later tonight. Would it possible to send you a copy of the non-working database so that it can be looked into and possibly fixed manually?
  3. So I just entered a new title into ComicBase 2020, and I entered some title specific data. Then I realized that I has it classified incorrectly (I entered it as a book when it should have been a comic). So I selected Edit > Change Title Media Type and selected Comic. This process took a couple minutes to complete. When it was done, I then added additional issue data. (I noticed that the cover date field was blank, when I know that I entered a date when I had this item stored as a book.) Then I selected the previous title using the left arrow in the top right of the screen, and I was then given an error stating "It looks like there's an invalid date that snuck into one of the date fields for this title. Fix it now?". I selected no, closed the application and restarted it, and I was still getting the same error whenever I tried to navigate to a title. (However, the original title that I had entered that started this problem still displayed correctly.) Finally, I selected "Yes" to fix the data. The process took about 10-13 minutes. I then went to enter another issue, when I noticed that ALL of my data from ALL the custom fields was gone. I assume that this happened during the "fix". I made a backup of the database before I fixed it, but it's useless as I can't navigate to any titles. When I open the backup, I get an unhandled exception error "String was not recognized as a valid Date Time". I can continue past the error, but I continue to get the "invalid date snuck in" error. Please don't tell me that my data in the custom fields is lost. Let me know if you need any additional information. Regards, Greg
  4. Thanks for the fast reply!! I had no idea about the drag and drop feature. Very Cool!! That will work for me. Thanks, Greg
  5. I recently upgraded from CB15 to the new 2020 Version. While I'm still getting used to the new version (so far I like what I see!), I've noticed a few of the old features have been removed. The one that I'm writing about now is the option that would automatically create a folder in the pictures directory whenever a new title was added to the database. This was immensely useful, as now I need to add the folder manually, and if I don't type everything correctly, then CB won't find the pictures. I don't know if this created problems with the file system in the past, but as a compromise, instead of automatically creating a folder, how about the option to when you right-click on a title, if the folder doesn't exist, then have the context menu change from "Show Picture Folder" to "Create Picture Folder", and if the folder exists, only then do you show the option "Show Picture Folder"? Thanks!!
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