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  1. This issue is listed as Megaton Explosion #0 in the dB. The indica says the following in the book itself: Megaton Explosion: Who’s Who in Megaton Comics? #1 The image is correct for the issue. Can we get this renumbered? Thanks!
  2. Installed v22.0.2.1680 and now I can exclude Books and Magazines from the dB and the updates. Thanks!!!
  3. Thanks, I was trying every option using a '-' for the ' ' and nothing was working. Got it fixed now.
  4. Can someone tell me the name of the image file for this issue? I have tried ASH-1.jpg, but that doesn't work. https://atomicavenue.com/atomic/item/183082/1/CybladeShi-The-Battle-for-Independents-Ash-1
  5. In the Mini-Series, the Notes for issue #0 (Cover price $7.95, no issue date) states: "Collects Sonic the Hedgehog #0-3" This is incorrect and may not even exist. I cannot find any record of a collection of the 4 issues in a single comic/tpb. If you look at the on-going series there is a #0 there as well. This image file for each of the two comics #0 is identical. ============================== What needs to be done: Delete the Mini-Series issue #0 (Cover price $7.95, no issue date). This doesn't belong and may not even exist. Move the on-going issue #0 to the Mini-Series (Cover price $1.25, issue date 2/1/1993). The #0 belongs as the first of the 4 issues in the Mini-Series. Cover price is right. Issue date matches the Mini-Series timing. When moved, the Notes field for the moved #0 should be updated with the following information: 1st appearance of the Knothole Freedom Fighters; 1st appearance of Princess Sally Alicia Acorn; 1st appearance of Sir Charles Hedgehog (Sonic’s uncle); 1st appearance of Miles “Tails” Prower; 1st appearance of Antoine D’Coolette; 1st appearance of Boomer; 1st appearance of Buzzbomber; 1st appearance of Cluck; 1st appearance of Ball Hog; 1st appearance of Burrobot; 1st appearance of Splats; 1st appearance of the Swatbots; 1st appearance of Muttski; 1st (named) appearance of Moto Bug; 1st (named) appearance of Crabmeat; 1st (named) appearance of Bat Brain; 1st (named) appearance of Jaws; 1st (named) appearance of Caterkiller I have attached the 4 covers for the Mini-Series to this thread.
  6. Mark, I just did the Friday update. It added 300MB to my dB for all the new Magazine entries. How many of your existing customers have a use for all 5,000 issues of The Daily Telegraph from Australia? This is just bloating the dB and making the updates take a lot longer. I would really, really encourage you to allow all of us existing users to CHOOSE whether we want all the Magazines in our local dB or not. And if you start bloating the dB with 'Books', then please add the same option there too. I subscribe to ComicBase to manage my Comics. Nothing else matters to me.
  7. I understand that. What I am looking for is that same ability to exclude Magazines.
  8. I see there is a mechanism to remove mature issues from the dB. Would it be possible to enhance that option to remove any Magazine as well? I have no interest in any of the Magazines that have been added to the overall dB. It would be nice to just not have to deal with them at all. Pete? What do you think? Thanks!
  9. That explains it, that button doesn't exist in the Express version. Thanks for the screenshot.
  10. I guess I wasn't clear. I understand what it says. I create reports weekly from CB. But, I cannot find any mechanism to upload a report to the Web in the Express version. So, to clarify my question: How do you upload a report to the Web using CB, thus earning the badge?
  11. What does this one mean? 4) Going Mobile - Save a Report to the Web
  12. This URL was just broken http://comicbase.com/UpdateReports/Current_Update_Report.asp
  13. I get this error when I try to print anything. I have done the 4 steps twice now. Nothing has fixed the issue.
  14. I do that weekly anyway. I guess it doesn't help with my issue. Thanks for the idea though.
  15. I can enter the suggested correction and the click the Submit link for a highlighted issue. I get this error: The only time it has worked in the past few years was when I got a new, unpatched laptop. Something is blocking the communication. I have disabled my laptop firewall, bypassed my home firewall, uninstalled my A/V, etc. Nothing has made any difference. I have used Wireshark to capture the packets and I can see they leave my network. The replies just never come back.
  16. The NM value in the dB is $11. This is the 1st appearance of Shuri. I think that value is much too low. Could you check on this? [Sorry for the post, but using CB's price check button hasn't worked for me for some time now.]
  17. Will there be a content update this week? 2/4/22
  18. Fred, I am very confident that the Atomic Avenue listing is the problem. You can get bagged issues with the Deadpool card in very high quality on eBay for $50-100 easy. Mark C, can you review the pricing on this issue?
  19. The current CB value is $11,500. Mostly due to a Fine issue offered for sale at $4,300 on AA. Right now on eBay you can buy a CGC 9.6 for $250. This is EXACTLY why you shouldn't use an 'offered for sale' price on a thinly traded issue. It completely skews the value of the comic for everyone. Can you fix this pricing issue? https://atomicavenue.com/atomic/item/249771/1/Weird-War-Tales-64
  20. This one is working: September 9, 2021 3:21 PM Content Update
  21. Sidekick doesn't recognize that this update is available. Is there an issue with the update content?
  22. There was a new content update posted 3 hours later yesterday. That one worked for me.
  23. The website shows a content update for 8/25/21. But, Sidekick is not seeing it and is not loading that update to process.
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