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  1. That explains it, that button doesn't exist in the Express version. Thanks for the screenshot.
  2. I guess I wasn't clear. I understand what it says. I create reports weekly from CB. But, I cannot find any mechanism to upload a report to the Web in the Express version. So, to clarify my question: How do you upload a report to the Web using CB, thus earning the badge?
  3. What does this one mean? 4) Going Mobile - Save a Report to the Web
  4. This URL was just broken http://comicbase.com/UpdateReports/Current_Update_Report.asp
  5. I get this error when I try to print anything. I have done the 4 steps twice now. Nothing has fixed the issue.
  6. I do that weekly anyway. I guess it doesn't help with my issue. Thanks for the idea though.
  7. I can enter the suggested correction and the click the Submit link for a highlighted issue. I get this error: The only time it has worked in the past few years was when I got a new, unpatched laptop. Something is blocking the communication. I have disabled my laptop firewall, bypassed my home firewall, uninstalled my A/V, etc. Nothing has made any difference. I have used Wireshark to capture the packets and I can see they leave my network. The replies just never come back.
  8. The NM value in the dB is $11. This is the 1st appearance of Shuri. I think that value is much too low. Could you check on this? [Sorry for the post, but using CB's price check button hasn't worked for me for some time now.]
  9. Will there be a content update this week? 2/4/22
  10. Fred, I am very confident that the Atomic Avenue listing is the problem. You can get bagged issues with the Deadpool card in very high quality on eBay for $50-100 easy. Mark C, can you review the pricing on this issue?
  11. The current CB value is $11,500. Mostly due to a Fine issue offered for sale at $4,300 on AA. Right now on eBay you can buy a CGC 9.6 for $250. This is EXACTLY why you shouldn't use an 'offered for sale' price on a thinly traded issue. It completely skews the value of the comic for everyone. Can you fix this pricing issue? https://atomicavenue.com/atomic/item/249771/1/Weird-War-Tales-64
  12. This one is working: September 9, 2021 3:21 PM Content Update
  13. Sidekick doesn't recognize that this update is available. Is there an issue with the update content?
  14. There was a new content update posted 3 hours later yesterday. That one worked for me.
  15. The website shows a content update for 8/25/21. But, Sidekick is not seeing it and is not loading that update to process.
  16. But, are they AUTOMATICALLY updating the listing price based on the weekly increases in price? That is exactly what is broken with the CB algorithm. If there are no sales, then any listing price increase driven solely by automatic listing price increases should be IGNORED. It's not real.
  17. You looked into this issue in March and corrected it. It has gone up every week since and is back to a unrealistic price again. Are there any sales related to this issue? Or is it just someone listing it in AA and letting the price automatically adjust every week that is driving it up?
  18. Also GCDB has a good set of images of the various covers including the reprints - See Here
  19. A quick check on eBay. There are CGC 9.6 of both the 1st print and 2nd print available. The original has an asking price of ~$2,400 The 2nd print has an asking price of ~$400 I think the pricing in ComicBase is wrong and should be reviewed. Mark C, can you look into it?
  20. Why is Star Wars #1 NM price of $235 lower than the 2nd Printing NM price of $295. That makes no sense at all.
  21. I don't follow modern issues much, but I noticed that Amazing Spider-Man #666 has about 145 Variants. What was Marvel's reasoning behind making so many variants of that specific issue? Thanks!
  22. Everytime I do File --> Collection Statistics, it opens with the Breakdown as: Mature-Only Items Non-Mature-Only Items I want to to open with Publisher. It used to remember my last setting, but for some time now, it's has been defaulting to the Mature/Non-Mature setting. Can you fix this? I'm running v21.0.2.1849
  23. Wow, the prices for comics has really inflated this year. A CGC 9.0 of Amazing Spider-man just sold for $1,975: https://www.hipcomic.com/listing/amazing-spider-man-101-marvel-1971-cgc-graded-90-1st-appearane-of-moribu/6559829 And good luck getting an Incredible Hulk #181 in CGC 9.4 for less than $15k... What are you seeing?
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