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  1. My preferred viewing method is "Display as Single List" with just the comics I own. However, whenever you go back to this view, it always starts out at the top of the alphabetical list. When I use the searchbar at the top to try to jump to a title, it always switches back to the "Display by title" view, vs just moving the display further down in the grid. This is incredibly annoying... why can't you just keep it in the "Display As Single List" view and jump down to the correct row in the grid?? (Also, annoying bug here: when it switches to the "Display By Title" view, and you go up to the "View" menu, the checkmark is still by the "Display as Single List" view even though the display has actually changed to "By Title" -- the menu item should be toggled to the correct view to sync with what's actually being displayed)
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