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  1. Thanks, I've been playing around with my Express version. I don't see where you can "Lock" the "Notes" column/field or any other column/field. With Express can I run a report that will show my individual issues; condition, cost, value and info from the "Notes" or "Letterer"fields? If I did upgrade to "Pro" and used on of the available Custom columns/fields; would I be able to produce a report that would show the info I entered in the custom field for each Issue? Another question - I changed the Grading/Condition values and Fields to show a greater variance ( I added Good/Very Good; Very Good -, Very Good +, etc.) Those changed Condition indicators show up in the "my Collection" database; but don't show up when I'm entering info in the system. Help! Thanks again.
  2. I own the most recent version of Comicbase Express. I owned other versions before but found that the Cover art work files took up too much space on my computer. So is there any work around on this? If I were to use the "Letterer" custom column and entered "Box 1, Box 2,etc." could I then sort my comics by Boxes/Letterers? Also I'm having some issues figuring out the basics. I can't save anything I enter, Comicbase just wiped out an entire title ( it shows the title but no other information underneath) when I tried to do test entries. ds there a Primer somewhere? Comicbase TV doesn't help with this basic stuff. Thanks
  3. Hi, I'm new to Comicbase. My collection currently consists of 84 boxes (mostly short boxes). I've numbered the Boxes and included the Box Number in my handmade paper files. As I start to move the data from my paper files to Comicbase, is there any way I can Add a Custom Category (in this case, the Box Number) to Comicbase?
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