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  1. Now its downloading and running .1137. Ah .... Never mind.
  2. or sometimes an error message stating not on line. Even though the Superbowl is on.
  3. Um well when avoiding the latest Comicbase program update, usually try File > Collection Statistics F12. The upper right corner gives a choice of updating the content or extending the subscription. Been reliable in just updating content.
  4. Speedtest shows 46.80 Mps download, slow? Time has been consistent for the past four months.
  5. ComicBase 2024 Archive Edition 0.0.774 Sidekick Version: Never worked. Windows OS build: 19045.3324 Attempted to use the latest ComicBase 2024 Archive four times. Removed all previous Comicbase versions, reinstalled the App four times. Might o’ cursed at the thing, ice cream means nothing. Included image shows that it stops at downloading title pictures. The little green leaf in the Task Manager windows shows “Installing Picture Titles” is suspended. Soon the laptop system locks up.
  6. Having the same problem.
  7. After updating to Ver. 1601 things started to work again. So it goes.😄 Thanx
  8. Windows 10Version 21H2 OS 19044.1526/8GB using ComicBase/Sidekick ver. 22.0.1584 Well waited, updated to 1584, then made four attempts to update the database through Sidekick. Kept getting the same trouble bubbles illustrated bellow. Made two attempts to update using Comicbase. Computer quite after an hour. Have also reinstalled, restarted, repaired and repeated still haven’t been able to update Since Feb 12th, according to Sidekick.
  9. Um Hello, Windows 10Version 21H2 OS 19044.1526/8GB using ComicBase/Sidekick ver. 22.0.1576. What Fred has describe is my problem as well. Have a few more details. Attempted to schedule a update down load through Sidekick schedule for Feb 19th. All Sidekick shows is a successful download for Feb. 12th. Can upload upload to Cloud & Optimize database. Tried to update through ComicBase a few times, and it stops trying to download new covers around number 1,700. Displaying the included screenshot. Download attempt no 4.txt
  10. As you requested. Hope these are the right images
  11. Using ComicBase 2021 Archive Edition v. for a few days. Lately the Title box has been looking slightly strange. Have included a jpeg for review. Titles works despite the appearance.
  12. Updated to Comicbase, before following your advice. It worked; Comicbase displayed: (Not Responding) when keying in Issue Information.
  13. J. Smythe

    Flot It

    Been attempting to reenter a comic book titled Flot in Comicbase V20.0.1.2716. Instead of creating a new comic title the program wants to add a new issue for Lobster Johnson: A Scent of Lotus. No. Flot has nothing in common with Lobster Johnson: A Scent of Lotus. Not even the same creative team. Added or reentered forty-five comic titles without ending up in a preceding tile. Any advice?
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