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  1. Getting an email error answering Pete. So posting here... Hi Pete. I turned the firewall off. When I hit the "Save to Cloud" button I get the error immediately. Prior to this when Sidekick has been running I would wake up each morning and see that error. The last successful backup was 5/20. I always update (each week?) when any new updates come out.
  2. Weird, why would it try to update what you already have?
  3. Except I WANT the update. Ha
  4. Trying to update and I'm getting this... I even unstalled and reinstalled the newest version from Registration, but it still asks for an update.
  5. Good to know. Not that I'm planning on it, but FYI. If I started a new/different subscription, would the old one be pro-rated as a refund?
  6. If we purchase a renewal at the discount does it just add a year onto our subscription?
  7. Looks good Pete. I notice there's new functionality there.
  8. I see the Overstreet Guide #39 with this cover in the database. I do not see it with this cover?
  9. Yikes! ThanX Pete for that explanation. I sure don't envy all the programming that goes into all of this... HA! Rob
  10. Pete, I backed it up, do I need to physically send (via email) or do they have the option to look on the server side?
  11. Also I had someone buy a book that was already sold. I run my inventory IMMEDIATELY upon sales notification, and also I had a book priced wrong. I sold a Supergirl #1 in NM- condition for $11.50 and it should have been $93. I'm definitely experiencing EXPENSIVE growing pains with CB/Atomic Avenue.
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