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  1. I haven't had a chance to call yet (I keep forgetting to) but I am still having the same problem. One thing I did do was to try to update using SideKick ... Using SideKick I get the message that 'you need to register your copy of this program at ... in order to obtain updates'. I do not use SideKick but I found this additional info of 'needing to register' interesting since I've never had to do that before ... I simply downloaded the new releases and installed. One thing I did do between releases was change my email address. Is the email address 'hard-coded' or otherwise referenced in the downloaded program? I suspect it's trying to verify using my old email address. There is only one spot in CB that asks for Login information under 'internet' and I have my UserID and PW in there and I've already updated my new email address on your website. Please advise.
  2. I restarted my laptop as you suggested ... still same results. No sec s/w running other than basic windows. I will reiterate ,,, nothing changed between releases. When's a good time to call?
  3. Ever since I upgraded to CB23, I get the message "Unable to connect to ComicBase/Atomic Avenue servers" ... I have not done anything to my home network infrastructure between the two releases. I've installed all latest updates (1984 as of this post) but still get the same message. I tried reinstalling CB22 but all that gives me now is that an update is available for download and will not allow me to do anything else. I guess this is a catch-22 situation.
  4. Here is a screen print of just a portion of my collection. It illustrates the difference between 'price' and 'value'. The pricing on the 9 books listed add up to $5725 as indicated in the 'Total Price' column but I have no idea what figures were used to come up with the $8022 'Total Value' figure. It's these cumulative differences,over all value ranges, that account for the valuation swing. Prior to 20.0.2, this break-down was showing ~90K. Now it shows 103K!
  5. So we have a new update and once again the valuation of my collection changed in the extreme. On the update prior to this last one, the change in valuation (decreased) was the result of a 'consolidation' of duplicate grades. Now with this update, the valuation increased by $13K but I failed to find a possible explanation for this change with this update. Is there one?
  6. OK I let the 'download' continue for a few minutes and I eventually did receive a message saying download was successful and to click on the updater file. The progress bar is still on the screen with no progress and clicking on Stop does nothing. I exited out of CB and clicked on the updater. It is installing now.
  7. I tried downloading the latest update to CB2020. A window opens and I have to enter a file name and location (never had to do that before). I entered an arbitrary name and a download progress bar opens up and just sits there, no progress, no download. Supp?
  8. Just got a post notification from AA. Seems to be working now. Prices are as posted.
  9. Since the weekend I’ve been trying to update prices via ComicBase (latest version). I get successful completions but don’t get the email confirmation and the prices remain unchanged. Supp?
  10. Maybe it can be done on condition when you exit CB?
  11. Because I manually update my DB weekly, I don't use Sidekick for anything other than having to save to the cloud. In the previous version of CB20/Sidekick, I did use Sidekick for everything because of the stability issues CB was having toward the end of that release and the fact that Sidekick, at that time, had 'better' code than CB? With CB2020, stability is vastly improved and it looks like all the features in Sidekick are available in CB20 and, more importantly, behave exactly the same in both apps. The only feature missing from CB20 is being able to save to the cloud. To do this you have to use Sidekick. Can this be added to a future release CB?
  12. OK, good to know. Thanks. I'll check s/w version before posting rants from now on!
  13. OK that fixed it. A nice-to-have feature would be to have CB check for s/w updates upon startup and give the option of downloading/installing or not. Just a thought.
  14. After getting feedback from a slightly disgruntled but none-the-less satisfied customer, I have noticed that the option to post VF and NM comics as VF-NM doesn't seem to work anymore in CB2020. All of my books I have graded as NM in CB are listed as NM on Atomic Avenue even though I have the option checked to display these as VF-NM. Though I don't have any new books to post I did click 'Post new items on Atomic Avenue' and made sure the option was checked. After getting a confirmation my books were 'posted', I checked and the grades d/n change. Is there a problem here?
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