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  1. I do miss that feature. You could also select all the record and then mark them. Then print a report using the marked records only. Then unmark all the records after you're done with them. The Item Checklist works. I've tried Collection Report, but it does not seem to pick up on the marked records.
  2. I can get a want list via the Item Checklist, but it does produce an extremely long report being that the layout is 1 record per line. 14 pages from the old 2017 Collection report to 81 pages with 2020 Issue Checklist. Would love to see a dedicated Want List report ... especially in summary form.
  3. The ONLY time I get results from the Collection Report is if one is marked "wanted" that I already own. IF the issue is marked wanted and I don't have it in stock, it does not get picked up. I can actually get a want list with the Item Checklist. However, the nature of that report is 1 issue per line. Thus my report would be 81 pages if printed. As opposed to the 14 page one from the Collection Report that was in CB2017. I think a dedicated Want List would be a good addition to CB.
  4. Yes, that's how you get the spreadsheet. You do a search for "wanted" and then select all the records that appear, Ctrl-C to copy and then paste into the spreadsheet. As you can see from my attached spreadsheet, not the most visually appealing result. I know I could spend time making it look nicer, but would have to do it each time the want list was updated. In the past I had received nice comments about the want list I sent them... not sure what they would say about the spreadsheet.
  5. Hello! In the previous version of CB, I could print a report that would list in summary fashion all the books I've marked as "Wanted". It was fairly concise and I would use it to send to vendors, upon their request, to see if they had anything matching my list. The report used was the Collection Report, and worked great. I would select All titles and it print only wanted items. This no longer works. (I've attached my old one for reference.) Is there a substitute Want List type report that would list everything marked "wanted' in a nice, neat, concise report? I was told I could use a spreadsheet, and have and attached one that was created. Seems unwieldy. And not something I would want to send to a vendor. And compared to a report, not as easy to produce. If there isn't a substitute, I would request one be added. I think a Want List would be almost a necessity for a collector. Thanks, Jeff new want list.xlsx jeff's want list.pdf
  6. Now that the input screen is set up in 4 tabs, it might be handy to be able to Ctrl-Tab (or something similar) to quickly scroll between each tab.
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