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  1. I can select it but when I go and hit save the window goes away and there isn't a duplicate.  I made sure the whole row was selected too.  Weirdness.  BTW, I've tried both ways to make a duplicate.

  2. I'm running CB 4k Archive and just updated to Current build: v23.1.0 (Build 2268).  After installation I had to enter some duplicate issues of some comics I just received.  It appears it doesn't work, for me at least, after this update.  I was having no issues earlier this morning before the update.  Is there a way to roll back to previous update?

  3. Hahaha...I forgot to refresh before I posted that question to Mark.  Gregory, thank you.  That is exactly what I was worried about when I went to bed and when I checked this morning it was down another 25%!  In the meantime, I took my store offline.  What a bonehead I am 🤪

  4. Hi Mark, me again.  I forgot to take a screen shot of what the setting was before I changed it so if I when I go and take the 25% sale down what are the original settings for this?  Thank you for your help.  Can you post a screen shot?

  5. Mark, are you referring to the Post Items For Sale window that comes up when Internet Menu>Post Items ...?  If so, I have played around with that and I can't seem to get the prices to change for me.

  6. I would like to start a sale on my entire collection but do not want to use the mass change function because that can not be undone.  Is there an easy way to do this?  I have the 4K Archive Edition of comicbase.

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