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  1. Steven, as always you are quick to respond and very insightful! Thank you very much. Stay safe out there! David
  2. Hey Folks... just a quick question about the red highlighted single issues that I've been running into quite a bit as I've been entering my new (old) collection these past several weeks. Just why are they highlighted and scattered throughout so many different titles and years? What is the significance of the red highlighting? Newbie here asking... Thanks very much! David in Miami, FL.
  3. Oh Steven, dude, thanks so very much! I was skipping over those boxes for now and working on the rest of the 'F's!' Brother, you just saved me some time! Things to do when stuck inside! If you were here I'd shake your hand... of course after sanitizer, gloves, mask and hazmat suit!! 🙂 And six-foot of distance! Stay safe brother and thanks very much again! David in Miami, FL.
  4. Hi, I thought is would handy to be able to change the default from NM on the 'new' entry of some of my older titles to say, Fair or Good when I wanted to when I was entering in 'loads' of specific runs/issues at once... instead of having to change each one as I went along... snore! Thanks!
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