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  1. The cover attached is for King in Black Symbiote Spider-Man 2.
  2. I often find missing store variants. If I create Amazing Spider-Man 56G and support also creates a different 56G before they process my update what happens when I update my data file? By store variants I mean, for example, a Comic Mint or Unknown Comic Books cover of a Spider-Man book. What is the proper process? This is especially relevant with the unlimited amount of variants (& store variants) being produced for all the major comic book titles.
  3. OK, I will see how things proceed, but there is definitely something different going on with images. I used to get them consistently in the updates and now they have to be manually downloaded. I update every week. Thanks
  4. I have noticed the new images / scans are not coming over in the updates. I update weekly and used to receive all the latest images in the update file. Now I am only getting am image file for the first issue and none of the variants. In addition, other cover scan added during the week are not in the update file. I can download these images manually by clicking on the title and them download image.
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