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  1. Ok thanks again I was hoping this was resolving the issue of them all being "comics" not creating a secondary issue.
  2. Michael I just took a pic I use as a profile pic elsewhere and it worked straight out, I didn't even need to crop or adjust it.
  3. Ok second question with this why are some items that were in the database that were magazines or books before now listed as a magazine or book, but if I had them they are still under comics but in the program, I can simple change the media type on them to make them a magazine or book. Yes I realize that sounds confusing. Example Wizard Magazine is in magazines now why what was there couldn't just have had it's media type changed rather than completely re-entering them. It has made more work on our end to fix it. And with that if I change the media type will it mess up everything with two listings for the same items. It seems like this was thought completely through.
  4. Ok thanks, I'll have to go through to see what is where and re-enter the ones that are in books probably the easiest way there isn't a ton.
  5. I have two databases one for comics, one for books and magazines, mainly just to keep them separate. I updated to Comicbase 2020 which now has this built in, but the books and magazines show as comic books in that database (they show as books or magazines in the comic book one). Is there a way of changing this without re-entering all of them?
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