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  1. Thanks Steven. I think it must be possible, while poking around I found that if I go to Collection Report > Titles I Own > Summary under each title it will give me the total number of comics, so the count is there. Now I just have to figure out how to filter it by >= 12. Jesse
  2. Are there any folks good at finessing reports who can help? I'm looking to create one that will give me a listing of any title I have more than 12 issues of (to help guide me to the best places to put title dividers). Even a report listing the number of issues of every title would be useful. Thanks! Jesse
  3. This is an incredibly OCD question to ask, but is there any way to tell which of your content corrections have been accepted? I know CB must be keeping track somehow, because there are badges for it (is the leaderboard kept current?) but I'm curious if any of my additions are useful. This is a dumb thing to wonder about, but I can own up to that. Jesse
  4. Thanks for the clarification, Steven. I will say that the new version is cleaner and 2-3 times faster to work with. The improvements are definitely noticeable!
  5. Thanks, Mark. I'd consider it break/fix and not a feature suggestion, though. It worked exactly that way until I upgraded to 2020.
  6. Was there any resolution to the issue selection and inputting multiple issues? I can highlight them, but when I hit enter to go to update them all, I only get a pop-up for the last selected issue. This wasn't a problem until I upgraded to 2020 this week. This is definitely going to make my workflow slower. Thanks.
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