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  1. As I was going thru my "Stranded items" list I came across that I had a Angela (Vol. 2) series that you did not, so I  pulled the box that I had the books in and found the books.

    Vol 2 is a 16 page story that you have listed as Angela #1/A & 1/B when it should be its own title.

    I will also submit this through the Submit correction/new data options so you have the creator credit info.


    i1st cover appearance of Cut Throat, the pirate Spawn
    Variant cover art by Brad Gorby (1:25)
    16-page retailer incentive delivered with orders of Spawn #32 (1995)



  2. You have either the wrong picture or the wrong store info for the 19th printing

    You have the picture of the Granite City Comics variant with the Midtown comics description.

    I did create and submit 1-X-44 as the granite city listing (with bar code)  because I don't know which is easier changing the description or the picture



    Granite City Comics



  3. Savage Eve #3 the cover artists are not correct and 3-C & 3-E have the same cover.

    They should be:
    3-A   Joel Gomez

    3-B Collette Turner

    3-C Philip Tan

    3-D Joel Adams, Neal Adams

    3-E Mike DeBalfo

    Below is the Mike DeBalfo cover


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