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  1. I am currently running Build 2129. when I open CB, I get the "do you want to update?" window. I click "yes", then I get a three button window: Modify, Repair, Remove. I click on modify, when the installer is done I press "Finish" and I'm still build 2129. I try the Repair mode: still 2129. I remove CB and reinstall from the Registrations page, where the current build is 2137. My build is still 2129 and I still get the "Do you want to update?" window.

  2. I was scanning some comics with the mobile app, and when I entered the Cost (in this case, $2.09) it would not accept the "0" digit. When I entered "2.0", the app does not register the "0", backspaces and deletes the "." The entry that should be 2.09 becomes 29.

  3. Round TWO!

    In this corner, we have Trogs, by FantaCo (2020) and the challenger: Trogs (American Mythology)

    These are the same book. Originally to be published by FantaCo last year, it fell victim to Covid-related circumstances. Then, it was picked up by American Mythology. There may have also have been a small run, independently published by the writer/artist Richard Bonk. I'm looking into that.

    Winner: Trogs (American Mythology). Delete the FantaCo Title.

  4. Other Star Wars stuff:

    Star Wars: Battle of the Bounty Hunters should probably move to Books.

             Not Star Wars, but Cyberantics should move to Books, as well.

    Star Wars Omnibus: Emissaries and Assasins need to fix the title to read "...and Assassins"

    Star Wars Hasbro slim and Star Wars: Kenner Star Wars Special seem to be the same comic, with the Hasbro version being a second printing (if the years are correct).


  5. Let me see if I can clear this up a little:

    Issue 172 has the correct cover (Newsstand edition) and UPC listed

    Issue 172-A could be right, "Notes" are wrong

    Issue 172-B incorrect cover, "Notes" are wrong (should be Subscription edition wit Chirrut Imwe cover)

    Issue 172-C incorrect cover (should be a cover with UPC, either scan for 172-B or 172-D), correct UPC, " Notes" are wrong

    Issue 172-D incorrect cover (should be Celebration Light Side Jyn Erso cover)

    Issue 172-E correct cover (Celebration Dark Side)


  6. 13 hours ago, Gregory Hecht said:

    Should this even be a book in the first place?  What was the rationale for moving it out of the Comics category?

    It's not really a comic. Mostly a text overview of the various Grendel series' with a four page Grendel story. I would have left it in Comics, but I can see it in Books.

  7. In the last update (4-29-21), The History of Grendel: Devil In Reflection was moved from Comics to Books. It has one entry, listed under Item # as "1". There are two, the first on published by Dark Horse (not COMICO) and Capital Comics in 1992. The second printing was by Dark Horse and Advance Comics in 1993.When I tried to bring my data from Comics to Books, I ended up with three entries: the original Book entry (Item #1), my Comic to Book entry became Item # TPB and my second printing became Item # TPB 2. How do I get it to read as just 2 or 1-2? or whatever signifies Second Printing. While I'm at it, it's not a TPB. It just a 12-page Staple-Bound. Currently, my issues are listed as "Staple-2" and "1", in that order.

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