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  1. Thanks for the message...just tried it, and it scanned fine into Notepad, but didn't work in ComicBase. When I went to the title/Issue info, the correct barcode is in there and matches the book I'm trying to scan. But then something else strange happened: I left that page, scanned again, and it took me to a completely different book/title this ....and when I looked at that UPC, it was totally different than the one on the book. Super odd! Upon scanning it a couple more times, it took me to other random titles, too. When scanned, the correct barcode appears in the search field, but it takes me to a book with a different UPC code. Other books I try to scan still aren't recognized. Sorry if this doesn't make sense...neither does what's happening with the scan! Haha Thanks for your help trying to figure this out!
  2. Hi, there...I'm having a similar issue. My scanner - which worked perfectly yesterday, then I downloaded the latest update - only now scans about half of my books. I use Ctrl-J to search/find with the scanner, but my database dings at me and cannot find about half the books I scan. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it, sometimes it's older books, sometimes it's newer. Even some books I scanned just fine the other day now can't be found with I scan their barcodes. I've unistalled/reinstalled ComicBase onto my machine, updated Crystal reports, etc...all the usual suspects, but it's still the same. Any thoughts? Thanks, team!
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