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  1. I've got a new laptop I had the covers on my external hard drive which shows up on the new laptop but I've got to drag and drop the cover pictures again
  2. No problem buts thanks for helping,I'll add them so singular
  3. Is that for the express version though?
  4. How do I download them from the website
  5. Is there a way too install all your picture files at onc after a new install onto a new laptop
  6. Press optimize and nothing happens,I must admit I'm really getting fed with this program,never had so many issues with a comic app
  7. I'll try optimizing it mate thanks
  8. Tried both but it don't seem to close
  9. When I close the program,it won't shut down,anyone elses had this issue
  10. Hi mark they display fine in the comicbase base program,also when I exit the program I won't shut down for some reason
  11. Could any one help me get the pictures back in the folders
  12. Got same problem got no idea how to fix it,tried everything
  13. Ok Steve I'll do it now,don't think I'll be able to upload it too database as still getting error box keep popping up
  14. Thanks Steven again,you are a fountain of knowledge 🙂
  15. Trying to submit a cover but keep getting this error box,has anyone else come across it ?
  16. Thanks Steven I'll look it up then add it
  17. Any idea on this variant also
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