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  1. How would add ashcan 3/A to a jpg pic
  2. So would that load back all the variants
  3. Steven if we uninstall everything,will I lose my whole collection,just seems weird all the valiant letters have gone,eg ,6 C is now just 6
  4. All variant letters have disappeared Any help please
  5. The Collum that displays the issue number,has decided to go away.how do I get it back thanks
  6. Hi what would I name the jpg pic for a 0.5/B I tried too put it as 0-5-B but it didn't drag over
  7. Steven done what you said and it's worked,thank you
  8. These bottom 3 won't add,seem to have problems with 2nd 3rd and so on printings
  9. Am I right to name the file 794-4? It won't seem to add the picture
  10. Morning my c drive is filling up,I've got 2 2tb external drive,how do I move all the comicbase stuff over to the external so everything saves to that as got loads of space on it,thanks in advance
  11. Hi Gregory basically I just open the program at that comes up,but too be fair I think I may of changed a destination folder or something,so it's my own fault
  12. Lost nearly 8 hours of adding covers and adding my collection.i keep getting this pop up box,I getting really disappointed with this product
  13. Seem to riddled with problems,latest one,everytime I press check for updates,I seem to have one,I'm doing this 4 or 5 times a day,don't seem right
  14. Thanks Steven for your help,think it comes with quite a few loaded covers as there's some on there,I've just worked out how to add them,once again thanks
  15. I've got everything except for the manage pictures and movie
  16. Can anyone tell how I add the "add pictures and movies" option as I don't have it
  17. I'm using a windows tablet with comicbase express,I've saved the picture files on a external hard drive,problem is I can't seem to add the pictures to the express program,when I try to add the cover,the picture file option is greyed out,any help would be great thank you
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