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  1. The two entries for Delirium's Party: A Little Endless Storybook are the same item and should be combined as one. It is listed as 1/HC, as well as Bk1. I believe it would be correct to list it as 1/HC.
  2. I've had this issue as well, taking in excess of 5 minutes for the "updating totals" window to go away. I have an SSD. This began after upgrading to the most recent version. Prior to that it would close out in seconds. It does this even if I have made no changes to inventory, only a search and then exit.
  3. The Price by Jim Starlin (no cover photo) appears to be a redundant duplicate of The Price (includes cover photo.)
  4. ComicsLit is currently in the Magazine section but consists entirely of comics. It billed itself as having the 'top illustrated fiction from around the world.' I propose it should actually be listed as a comic, as it contains 99.5% comics and little other editorial content. (Just as titles such as Frank Frazetta Fantasy Illustrated, Omni Comix, Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction, etc., are included in the comics section.)
  5. The description for The Carl Barks Library more appropriately should be attached to (The Carl Barks Library of) Walt Disney's Comics and Stories in Color. Even perhaps to (The Carl Barks Library of Walt Disney's) Donald Duck Adventures in Color. The aforementioned listing for The Carl Barks Library actually IS the 'pristine hardback book collections in black and white' referenced in the description (copied below.) Description: A chronological, and more importantly, affordable reprinting of all of Carl Barks material from the long-running Walt Disney Comics and Stories: this time in full color! Previous reprintings were issued in cheap comic book editions or in pristine hardback book collections in black and white. For those who want to secure a complete set of the “good duck artist” in his prime, you cannot go wrong with any or all of these volumes. Original, sealed copies also contained a trading card featuring biographical information about various Barks characters. — Mark Arnold
  6. If you mean, listed as Bk 1, Bk 2, etc., I think that would make sense.
  7. There are two listings for The Cavalcade of Boys, one with Ten Minute Cartoons parenthetically added to the title. The two entries should be merged.
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