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  1. Men of Tomorrow by Gerard Jones is a fully prose account of the early days of comic books. It should be listed as a book instead of a comic.
  2. Is there a style guide for assigning comic Type and Variation? And a glossary of terms? Example - Should a hardcover graphic novel be listed as... 1. Type: Regular Issue and Variation: Hardcover? 2. Type: Book and Variation: Hardcover? 3. Type: Graphic Novel and Variation: Hardcover? Example - How should a 3-volume hardcover boxed set be listed? 1. Type: Collector's Set and Variation: Hardcover 2. Type: Book and Variation: Collector's Set 3. Type: Deluxe Set and Variation: Hardcover 4. Other? Is there a glossary of Type terms? For example, what's the difference between a Collector's Set and a Deluxe Set? Is it a case of how the publisher defined it?
  3. If you highlight the line the issue is on, and then right-click, you are offered a menu option to Request Price Check. Also, to add the cover date, type it into the field, highlight the line for that issue, then right-click and click on Submit New or Corrected Data.
  4. I moved the logo files to a different drive. How do I get the program to look to that new drive for the logo files?
  5. The indicia for Chain Letter reads Pop Gun War Volume 2: Chain Letter
  6. I believe the entry for Pop Gun War: Gift is mis-titled, as the listing is for two books - only one of which is Gift. The other is Chain Letter. Perhaps it should be Pop Gun War (2nd series)? Or should both book be listed under the main Pop Gun War listing, though different publisher?
  7. Yep, that's where I was attempting to drag it to. I haven't had the problem recur with other titles, so perhaps it was a system burp.
  8. I wasn't very clear about what I meant. I attempted to drag and drop the image file, and it would not drop. When I right-clicked to 'Show Picture File' there was not a folder specific to the title. It showed me the various A-Z folders. I was under the (possibly mistaken) impression that when I drag and dropped and image, the software would create the associated picture file folder.
  9. I tried to load this pic to The Golden Age of Comic Books: 1937-1945, but the software did not create the picture file. Is that because it's a book, instead of a comic book? Anyway, here it is for your use.
  10. This oversize hardcover would more appropriately be filed under Books. The book is fully of essays and cover reproductions, but not actual comics per se.
  11. This collection of FF #347-349 is listed both as Fantastic Four: Monsters Unleashed and New Fantastic Four: Monsters Unleashed. According to the indicia, it should be the version without 'New' in the title. The duplicate entry should be deleted.
  12. The two entries for Delirium's Party: A Little Endless Storybook are the same item and should be combined as one. It is listed as 1/HC, as well as Bk1. I believe it would be correct to list it as 1/HC.
  13. I've had this issue as well, taking in excess of 5 minutes for the "updating totals" window to go away. I have an SSD. This began after upgrading to the most recent version. Prior to that it would close out in seconds. It does this even if I have made no changes to inventory, only a search and then exit.
  14. The Price by Jim Starlin (no cover photo) appears to be a redundant duplicate of The Price (includes cover photo.)
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