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  1. I had no idea all this stuff was being added to my database.  What's the rationale?

    I did notice a paperback Tolkien novel in my database recently, and wasn't sure it was supposed to be there or not.  IMO books should only be included if they relate to comics.

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  2. There appear to be two versions of this in my database.

    One is in the comic books section.  I remember having to enter this myself, as I did not find it already there.

    Now there is also one in the books section.

    It should be under comic books.  Although there is a text section at the start of the book (common in collected comics publications), the bulk of it is the Ghita comics.  The point of the book is to collect the comics.  The text is "bonus."

  3. It's been a long time since I tried this kind of search so maybe something has changed, but I thought that if you clicked on a storyline that had a "part" after it, it would display all parts of that story, even if it crossed over into different titles.  I just tried clicking on a part of "Kraven's Last Hunt" from Spectacular Spider-Man and it searched and found... only that issue.

    If this feature has been eliminated (why?), what is the point of having it clickable at all?

  4. When I installed the new software I chose to overwrite all images with the thumbnails, which I regret, because now most covers only show as thumbnails even when "enlarged." 
    Some covers show at the proper size, so I don't know why the new "automatic download" function isn't working all the time.


  5. I have a copy of the fourth FF omnibus that came out earlier this year.

    The cover is by Arthur Adams, but the two variations in the database both credit Jack Kirby.

    The ISBN of my book is 1302930508 (ISBN13: 9781302930509), which matches neither.

    Should I add a new edition?  If so, what should it be designated?  Or should one of the existing ones be corrected?

  6. Why is there a second series of this, when previously they were designated second printings?  A new series suggests all-new content.  These are the same (with perhaps minor tweaks.)

    Can you confirm that this is intended and that I need to move my collection over to the second series?

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