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  1. Okay, I didn't know I had to select it when it appeared to already be selected. Now it works.
  2. I guess I'm lucky I only have one book to sell. Moving the books over causes a duplicate issue to appear, even when the numbering is the same, but I deleted it and it looks okay now. Thanks.
  3. Looking into it more, it seems to be because it is not a "TPB" under "books." Why was this not automatically converted? Do I have to manually move all my books? How do I fix this? I am having the same problem with Doctor Who Magazine, which is now a "magazine." I assume the same kind of fix will apply.
  4. I've been trying to upload this for sale for ages, but ever since the 2020 update the email confirmation has been coming back with "unrecognized title." The title is right here: https://atomicavenue.com/atomic/TitleDetail.aspx?TitleID=622&M=0 As near as I can tell, everything in my database matches how AA has it filed. But it just won't upload, nor will my browser go to the title's page when I click "find copies" or to "browse" the title.
  5. I tried using the search bar and it doesn't find titles, only characters, even though "find" is set to "Title name or barcode." Furthermore, when I start to type a name, only a few selections come up. For example, entering "night" only brings up "Nighthawk (Kyle Richmond)" and "Nightwing (Superman)".
  6. I'll have to try the title box as well. My CB is also very slow when using the button, and my PC is only a couple years old and built for gaming.
  7. This is why I only get downloads any more, even though the site encourages getting the discs. Maybe you can find someone that would recycle them.
  8. I am getting that error and I am not even doing anything in ComicBase. Just sitting here minding my own business and it popped up.
  9. The dot next to the title will get you to the first unread post.
  10. Looks like I just had to restart the program.
  11. How do I rearrange the columns in the main window display of the issues list? Someone for some reason decided that "cover artist" should go between "artist" and "inker" and I want to move it elsewhere. Setup>Columns to View does not work. (It saves my setting but nothing changes.)
  12. Can you explain what that column is even there for? It doesn't seem to do anything. And what's that little "play" button at the top?
  13. I'm still getting it. Every time I click to make the message go away, it pops right back up again! Guess I'll just leave it there...
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