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  1. Thanks. I posted that before I resolved my tinypics issue on another thread. Figured that was the problem.
  2. Hitting the reset button in the folder select window fixed it. Thanks.
  3. Thank you for putting this feature back! But something weird happened when I just used it. I tried to change "Prince Namor" to "Sub-Mariner (Namor)" and it came out "Sub-Mariner (Namor) (Namor)". What might I have been doing wrong?
  4. Are the covers supposed to be so low res? Is it because of the new "thumbnails" feature? I tried turning the screensaver on but the images look like they are from 1985, and I would never use it that way.
  5. When I installed the new software I chose to overwrite all images with the thumbnails, which I regret, because now most covers only show as thumbnails even when "enlarged." Some covers show at the proper size, so I don't know why the new "automatic download" function isn't working all the time.
  6. Just popping in to mention that after renewing my subscription and installing the new version of the software, I can now submit data and covers again.
  7. Ok, done. I don't know what an Alt. UPC is, so I left that field alone.
  8. I have a copy of the fourth FF omnibus that came out earlier this year. The cover is by Arthur Adams, but the two variations in the database both credit Jack Kirby. The ISBN of my book is 1302930508 (ISBN13: 9781302930509), which matches neither. Should I add a new edition? If so, what should it be designated? Or should one of the existing ones be corrected?
  9. I don't have a VPN although I have thought about getting one. I checked Windows Firewall and it already lets Comicbase operate on both private and public. Not sure where to look in Network settings to see if they are "too high."
  10. Changing my password did not fix the problem. I'll look into the other stuff, but I am not really savvy in that area.
  11. I am having the same problem, and yes, my login is correct.
  12. Thanks, but now Vols. 3-5 have "Mary Wolfman" as the writer. 😅
  13. Why is there a second series of this, when previously they were designated second printings? A new series suggests all-new content. These are the same (with perhaps minor tweaks.) Can you confirm that this is intended and that I need to move my collection over to the second series?
  14. I'm sure there used to be a way to remove the adult titles. Is this another feature that was removed? Not that I would ever use such a thing, of course.
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