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  1. 4 hours ago, Andrew d’Entremont said:

    I have two copies of the same book, published at different times by different publishers. One is the original first edition, and the second is a 15th anniversary edition, revised and updated.

    My question is, how do I enter the 15th anniversary edition? Should I enter it as a new book since it is a different publisher, or should I enter it as a variation of the first edition?


    If it is a different publisher, I think it is a new book. I would enter it as a new book and submit it if it's not already in the system. I know when I've done that,  the entire run shows up in the next update. 

  2. I appreciate the mobile scanning feature when I'm out searching for comics. I have three suggestions and reasons for them to improve the app.

    1. How many of us have been out and repurchased a 3rd or 4th of something we already have? (Raising Hand) this guy right here. Being able to cut down on that (unless I wanted to add another copy) and having access to my collection information on my mobile was one of the biggest selling points for me and keeps me renewing my membership. With that said, when you scan in a comic, and it populates with the content of that comic, it would help a lot if it also informed you if you already have this book in your collection with a line item titled "Own _____" above the "Add Qty___" line. I point this out because we either have to be the Rainman or be a Mentat to recall that information right then and there or leave the scan to go back to our Auto Report and scroll for days through our collection to see if we have it or not.

    2. MN Guide data. It's great to see the NM Guide cost once the scan pulls up; however, if selected from the "Condition" pull down, another helpful thing might be to know the cost at that chosen condition. Right now, the feature of # of copies on Atomic Avenue is a great alternative to get price ranges, but again it takes us out of the app (well, not me; I have a dual-screen LG), and there are cases there are no available copies on Atomic Avenue so you would then have to click on Writer or Artist to get into Atomic avenue and manually type in the title. 

    3. If we scan it, another great addition would be another line item showing if we already marked this issue as one of our coveted "Wanted" items and, if not, the option to add it to our database as one we did want if we decide not to buy it at that time. 

     I am pleased with the app and its faster scanning and pulling up comics when I'm out. I have realized that after you scan and go back to scan again, you have to tap the screen for the camera to open again. This might be something with my mobile, but I'm not sure. 

    Thanks again to the app's programmers for making our (my) lives much more manageable. 


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  3. Thanks, i will give this a try.

    Tonight I'm attempting to get the app to upload my newly created segmented "wanted list" that does show up on my online account but for some reason, the app only wants to show the Collection Overview-ComicBooks (auto) report. Trying to sort this out before I go hunting at the ECCC tomorrow. I'm going to try uninstalling the app and reinstalling it now. 


  4. On 3/23/2022 at 9:41 AM, Mark J. Castaneda said:

    topics such as this should be posted under 'Content and Corrections'

    as for the issue you're trying to scan in...

    what's the barcode number for the comic?

    Can you provide a cover scan of the cover you have?

    Sorry just now seeing this one as i needed to change my settings to see notifications of responses. The barcode is 84428400591300191. When scanned it takes me to 1/h But when you scroll up you will see its actual cover under 1/C which is another Virgin cover.  In CombicBase 1/H has no image so when i searched the web 1/H is the link i provided above. I went ahead and submitted the correction through DBase after updating the UPC Code in 1/C. I don't have the UPC Code for 1/H 


  5. 15 hours ago, Steven L. Dasinger said:

    Not sure if this will help but...

    Click on Find next to the Find Box at the top of the window.

    Select Publisher (or any of the others that are not Title name or barcode.

    Then, Click on the same Find and select Title name or barcode.

    Sometimes CB gets 'confused' in what it is looking for in the Find box and this will reset it.


    Sorry Steve this didn't do change anything as well. 

  6. Hey all. Thanks for the input.

    1 I have the DX Laser Barcode Scanner purchased from ComicBase in 2017. it scans in and enters most of what I have (except it wouldn't scan in my Michael Turner Fathom V3 collection. 

    2. What I have found is that it will scan in the label from the comic into the DBase  and find the comic and will print the label for my B&B (both the price and id labels) with the cursor in the "Find" box it will not find them. 

    3. However it does recognize and find them if hit Ctrl + I and scan the label from the Barcode label printout. It will take me directly to the comic. So it is clearly recognizing the label it created. Just not in the Find field. It will stay in whatever comic series I last pre-viewed.

     The Find field is set to the default which is "Title name or barcode" For example, if I do Ctrl + I and type in the barcode number (say 3780273) it will take me directly to Uncanny X-Men, The Anl 14 but if I type in the same in the Find Field it does not take me to the title.  Could it have something to do with "Insert Unicode control character" in the Find field? 




  7. I'm using the USB scanner purchased from you all and I am at the stage of printing out certain labels for my collection. After i scan the comic in and enter it into the database, when I right click on the comic and go to print out either the Pricing or ID label and go to scan it to see if it works, It does not take me to the comic in my database. I am running the 2022 Archive Edition and it is up to date. I've logged out and back in and attempted to scan the bar code and it just takes me to random locations. I'm using a Dymo LabelWriter Duo to print the labels. What am I doing wrong? 

  8. 2022 Archive Edition V22.0.2.1708. I even tried updating the system even though it said it was. But your option of right-clicking worked. Thanks

  9. I'm noticing image uploads in the thumbnail range i.e. King Spawn 13 images are under 4kb. How do we get updated images outside of loading them ourselves?

  10. Our favorite topic of course lol.  Variants

    So I just got  about 200 comics in I'm logging in and when i got to the Planet of the Apes Green Lantern section I scanned in a number 1 issue and its showing up as variant 1/H but it looks like Variation C. I did a further search and found a 2016 Comicspro versions which looks nothing like it as well. https://stores.comichub.com/heroes_for_sale_/products/planet-of-the-apes-green-lantern-1-comicspro-2016-variant 

  11. On 3/18/2022 at 3:59 AM, Jeff Arns said:

    That's exactly how I have it.

    But I forgot to say - It doesn't work on Save to Web (which is best for the app).  It seems to work ok for everything else.


    (1st image - export, second - Save to Web)


    I'm having the same issue. It's not working receiving or sending. When i'm out shopping for books and scan in and add a title through the app its not showing up at no matter what i try including reinstalling side kick as well. 

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