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  1. Just ran "Check for Updates", Change $0.00, so everything was up to date from the last Sidekick update. I have a lower right button for "Collection Value Graph", and a pair of lower right buttons for "Top Gainers and Losers" and "See What's New". "See What's New" opens the last log file from the Sidekick update 4 days ago. No links that I can see. So, I guess I'll disable Sidekick for a few days, unless there are other thoughts...
  2. I get updates by Sidekick. Do I need to turn that off so I can get the next update manually?
  3. So, I'm about to do a major merge of a year or two's worth of new acquisitions, and I'm thinking of making box labels. Currently, I have box numbers written on the lids. I'm picturing printing on a 3x5 or 4x6 index card with text and the cover scan of the first and last issue in each box, and I'm thinking that I'll have to generate these by hand. Feature Suggestion - A report format that prints a label with information on 2 issues per label. First issue, text on top, picture on the left; second issue, picture on the right, text below. Fort he time being, if I add a Custom Text field for location, and fill it in with "Box 1", "Box 2", etc.,... can a report be made that breaks things down by box? Is there a way to generate a list of the first item in each box? Last item in each box? Are there any other interesting things that I can do once I have this information?
  4. Okay, I see that the change has been implemented. Looking in my log file, a new title has been added, new issues added, and old issues deleted. I also see that, as expected, the issue I indicated I own was not deleted, and the old title was not deleted. Question: Isn't there supposed to be a listing in the log of unmatched items? I'm about to do my major merge of a year or two's worth of acquisitions and would like to bring everything in line with the official database. I'm sure that there are others that have crept in.
  5. Yeah, but it's the kind of thing that those with a broader knowledge of the publishing lists could do database-wide in a single sweep.
  6. Apparently, the X-Men titles has three concurrently-running series, as the listings have X-Men (4th Series), (5th Series) and (6th Series) running from 2013-Present, 2019-Present and 2021, respectively. Can we get a sweep of the database to at least properly terminate non-current titles, and hopefully correcting the spans on other titles?
  7. From the person who brought you unified Volume and Series ordering... From the person who suggested the numerical sorting of titles with spelled out numbers (I'm looking at you, Doctor Who)... I bring you, Customized Title Sorting. Suppose you prefer to keep your boxes organized by Character or Team. That's fine for X-Factors and X-Forces, but X-Men... Wouldn't it be nice if you could get ComicBase to order your collection, everywhere, in your preferred order? X-Men (1st Series) Uncanny X-Men, The X-Men (2nd Series) X-Men (3rd Series) Uncanny X-Men (2nd Series) X-Men (4th Series) Uncanny X-Men (3rd Series) X-Men Gold Uncanny X-Men (4th Series) Uncanny X-Men (5th Series) X-Men: Blue X-Men Gold (2nd Series) X-Men: Red X-Men (5th Series) X-Men (6th Series) I propose a new field, say T.[SuperAlphabetizedTitle]. If present, this field supersedes the normal system-used Alphabetized sort field. Thus, you can bring various disparate titles into a more consolidated order.
  8. Parts 2-7, Agony, Lasher, etc, indicia reads as title and subtitle with a separating colon,, as in "Extreme Carnage: Agony" Parts 1 & 8, Alpha and Omega, indicia reads as a single title with no colon, as in "Extreme Carnage Alpha" Please correct the title for part 8, "Extreme Carnage Omega" without the colon. Thank you.
  9. Cover and Indicia has the last word as "Fun!", not "Past", so this should be "Archie: Past, Present & Future Fun!"
  10. Many issues, even recent issues, are missing one, and sometimes both, a CoverDate and a StreetDate. I would like to request a stronger effort going forward that new issues, when they are added to the weekly update that they have a date filled in for them. It might also be nice to try and clean up existing entries without dates.
  11. I'm looking for some interesting search and meta-search techniques to help identify holes, and by holes I mean unowned issues of interest in titles for which I currently have issues. Is there a way to identify, in search terms, titles that have issues? Is it possible to Mark the Titles or set a Title Custom Check on Titles after I do a search for owned issues? Is there a way to search for the first owned issue of each title? The last owned issue of each title? Is there a way to search for the first (smallest) regular issue # of each title? the last (largest) regular issue # of each title?
  12. Okay, just noticed that hovering the mouse over a cover in the screen saver displays the Title and Issue. Not used to thinking about using the mouse during a screen saver... Have a suggestion that might be difficult to implement... Extra-wide wraparound and gatefold cover scans, when they occur in the screen saver grid, would be better appreciated if they spanned two positions in grid.
  13. Now that I have set a number of titles to "Subscribed", and I can search for upcoming books on subscribed titles, is there a way to get a list of titles with the check box set, and not a giant list of issues?
  14. 1) I go to the menu item "Setup | Custom Fields..." and supply the name "Subscribed" to Title "Custom Check 1" and "Ordered" to Issue "Custom Check 1". If I Modify issue information, my custom name "Ordered" is displayed in the "Custom" tab, but if I go to "Edit Title Information...", my custom name is not showed, instead it still reads "Custom Check 1". 2) I have conducted a Find with issues from many different titles, and so the leftmost column after the image thumbnail in the grid has the comic Title. (My grid includes several custom fields). If I go to the menu item "Setup | Custom Fields..." and then close the modal window, the column with the titles disappears from the grid.
  15. Thanks. I had tried T.[], and ComicTitles. hadn't tried ComicTitles.[] Out of curiosity, why the difference between ComicTitles.AlphabetizedTitle and ComicTitles.[CustomCheck1]?
  16. Want to find recent holes in series I'm interested in. This is the process I envisioned... Search for owned issues over the last year (Street Date), sort by ComicBase order. Walk through the list, deciding which titles have runs of issues I'm interested in verifying. Set a custom Title Checkbox for the titles I'm interested in checking. Search for all issues over the last year (Street Date) of Titles with the Custom Checkbox set, sort in ComicBase order. Walk through the list, setting Issue Wanted checkboxes of issues that I want. 1) It appears that there is no simple way to, from the grid of returned issues, to modify a Title Custom Checkbox. I have to choose to Modify an issue, then edit the Title Info, then Check the box, Save, Save. I'm I missing something? 2) Having set a Title Checkbox, how can I build a search for step 4, looking at Title Custom Checkbox? 3) Would there be a quick way to clear the various Title Custom Checkboxes when finished, preferably without editing each title info?
  17. I believe so, which is why I posted a recipe that used it.
  18. I added a bunch of issues with the app, adding the current date, "1/7/21" in the Notes field. After imported into ComicBase, searched for the issues in ComicBase order: Comics with "1/7/21" in the Notes field, sorted in ComicBase order Items Where... I.[Notes] LIKE "%1/7/21%" Order By ComicTitles.AlphabetizedTitle, I.[ItemType], I.[IssueNum], I.[Variation], I.[Printing]
  19. Trying out the app for new issue entry. I have a stack. 1) Scan a barcode, wait for the buzz, issue information comes up. 2) Scroll up 3) Tap Add 4) Pop-up giving positive feedback. (I assume there is a version where it tells you if it fails?) 5) Tap Scan More 6) Black screen. Tap to turn on camera. Can we speed this up? Either add some configuration options, or add a more streamlined batch-add mode? a) For step 2, put a duplicate "Add" button at the top? Focus on the bottom of the page? Or, least liked, shrink the cover image to fit all on one screen? b) For steps 4-5, if addition succeeds, give feedback with a brief toast of a green check, that shows up and disappears on its own, without needing to be dismissed? c) For step 6, go straight to an operating camera, ready to scan the next book? For batch-add functionality, how about adding the ability to either auto-set a selected custom check, auto-fill a selected custom date, or auto-append either a timestamp or a user-entered string into either the Notes or a selected custom text field?
  20. Is the AlphabetizedTitle field still accessible to Advanced Find, as that will put the titles in the same order as in ComicBase?
  21. I agree. We have a setting for Mature Only, but not for Owned Only? While we're making suggestions, how about the option to have it display based on an Advanced Find search. Think of the flexible use... A store could display current issues, or sale issues, or... How about the option to choose between full screen single cover, collage, or both? How about the option for Full Screen Single Cover to include a caption, identifying the book, and maybe the notes?
  22. Thank you for the prompt reply, but I think you missed the subtlety of my question. The canned "Released this week" search is not simply looking for I.[CoverDate] >= "2021-01-01" and I.[CoverDate] <= "2021-01-08". The canned "Released previous week" search is not simply looking for I.[CoverDate] >= "2020-12-25" and I.[CoverDate] <= "2020-12-31". They both return issues with Cover Dates that span more than a week. They both return some issues with blank Cover Date fields. So, what are the canned searches searching on? And can it be extended to find earlier release weeks?
  23. Apologies if this is already in CB2021, upgrading tomorrow... When I conduct an Advanced Find, I can set the maximum returns. But, how do I know if I've hit the max or not? How do I know how many results I've found. If there is a pop-up with that information as it loads, it goes by so fast. Can a results count be shown somewhere more persistent? Also, could the "Items Where..." field be displayed to remind what has been searched?
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